Tuesday, 31 March 2015

GUEST POST: My boyfriend is obsessed with lesbians.

Pam, well done with your work, May God give you lots of wisdom. Amen.
Now, to my story. I've been dating this broke ass guy for a year plus now. What haven't I done for him? 

Anyway, sometime last year I noticed that he had two 2go accounts where he pretends to be a girl and then do all these lesbian stuff with the lesbian girls. I got furious, then he begged and asked me to change the passwords to something he doesn't know. I did. Somehow, he opened another account too, gosh! I was really pissed. Is this guy possessed or something? Checked his phone the other day and I saw lesbian porn. Who does that?

Now, yesterday night, I slept at his place, and abruptly woke up, and who was he calling? A lesbian. I can remember asking him about this girl before, he said the person was a guy, and then later a girl in his hometown. I angrily collected the phone from him and called the girl, and from our conversation, I found out yesterday that this same girl is a lesbian, and the thing is, the girl doesn't even know that she's talking to a guy, they all don't know. He has this tiny voice which he uses to deceive them.

I've always fought him about night calls, how can you be sleeping on the same bed with your babe and then sneak out to go call another girl. Please who does that? This is the guy that wants to settle down with me, is this what I'll see when I eventually marry him? When I caught him last night, he tried hiding the phone and then started lying that he wasn't making a call, but why?

As at this moment that I'm typing this, I don't know how I'm feeling. He's been begging me since and has confessed that he wants to sever his ties with her that she's really a lesbian, but I don't think I'll forgive him this time. Ok, I may forgive him, but I don't think that I'll be dating him anymore. I'm an independent lady and can't take this shit anymore. Yes, he's a sweet guy and has this really sweet family, that's why I've even stayed this long, but I don't think I can bear this anymore. Thanks Pam, I hope you publish this. Just want to hear what blog members have to say about this.

******Biko, let me just read comments on this one. I'll really need your comments, She does too. Thanks******


  1. 1. He is a broke ass (thats not really my ish tho)
    2. He has a 2go account
    3. He still makes midnite calls & beside you sef
    and wants to settle down with you. lol.
    My dear you are dealing with a kid, period.

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    1. Exactly my thoughts - if something is bothering you, chances are that somethkng is wrong. I suggest she runs but it's her choice. I can tolerate certain things!

    2. GBAM! You are dating your kid brother abeg

  2. Break up with him he doesn't deserve you. Don't try to change him cos he'll pretend for now and at the end of the day u'll regret it.

  3. Poster,did you say 2go??...lmao,i cnt remember d last time I logged into dat shii
    He's broke ass like u said and probably is tryna do runs with dem niggas who send money for flights and cheap recharge cards for nudes...mtcheeew!!!

    My advice: Give urself some value and quit that WRECKlationship before u capsize into an oblivion of misery and tears...
    U deserve a beta guy,dnt u think so???...if u like,dnt take my advice!!!...
    Am sorry if I sounded harsh...!!!


  4. Pathetic. Some people don't know they have until its gone. Ohhhh!!!

  5. As pathetic as this may be,guess she has forgiven him countless times. How many times r we to forgive? Did he really say why he made the call?

  6. Not even Bbm?2 wat!!!!!pls move on and run fast..

  7. Please If you can't cope, don't try to manage

  8. A broken relationship is better than a broken marrige.
    Its best u end d reltionship now than to regret it later cos this guy cannot change,its in his blood and pls don't think you can change him
    Nobody can change anyone,only God

  9. I stopped reading when i heard he has a 2go account. Lmfao. All guys are obsessed with lesbians.

  10. I stopped reading when i heard he has a 2go account. Hahaha. All guys are obsessed with lesbians


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