Thursday, 30 April 2015

Thursday Tantrums!!!

Tantrum Thursday is here again,  speak out on the stuff that angered you during the week. My turn:

I received a really bad news yesterday that weakened me to the bones.  Oh death! Where is thy sting? We weren't really close back then during our OND days but he was actually the first guy I talked to during the departmental clearance times. 

Aloy was a very brilliant guy who sat with we noise makers behind the class. Quiet and really observant. Ooh! You'll really enjoy reading with him. After our ND, he proceeded to Abia State University to study law,  and now I learnt he was about graduating from law school in Abuja before death struck. 

 A guy who was already at his peak of achieving what he ever dreamed of, only for death to snatch him just like that. I really wept. But who are we to question God. He alone knows what's best,  and He has done His will.  Adieu Alloy.  Continue to rest in the Bossom of the Lord. Adieu brother.
I may not know wat caused his death but mehn,  his death really hit home. Adieu bro.

I don't have much to say again except that the heat is too much.

Your turn!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Lies and hidden facts.

 Lies! Lies!! Lies!!!
If you haven't lied ever before in your life raise your hands up? (looks around). I'm yet to see a person who haven't lied ever in his/her life. 

For example, you are meant to meet someone somewhere but when the person calls you, you say "I'm on your way" whilst still at home. All thanks to the phone, people can now lie for Africa. Biko, that's by the way,  I'm just going to base this case on lies in relationships.
Do you know what kills trust most especially in relationships, LIES.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Drunk Experience.

In life, we are born naked, blind to the world, frail and clueless. As we grow, our list of  "firsts" grow. First word, first tentative steps, first day in school etc. (I cried on my first day in school, dunno about you guys ooo. Sweet and the promise of biscuit couldn't stop the wails from my lips).

Age and time and we grew up from babies to teenagers. As a girl, I understood the "blessings" of being a female. From me, life comes forth. My first day of "being a woman". I was scared and ashamed. Was this what mum warned me about talking to guys? Was I pregnant? Now I know better(smiles).

Monday, 27 April 2015

Pammie's Crib FACE OF THE WEEK.

Oyaa, una welcome oo to another Monday of Pammie's Crib face of the week. How are you all doing yuh? We have a beautiful lady in da house today and a fellow blogger, you can view her blog here. Waitooo, where are the guys in the house? Abii, una dey shy ni? Abeg, present your face like that cos even though monkey no fine, im mama like am like that. Anyways, let's welcome this pweety lady here. Oya start the #drumrolls.....

Sunday, 26 April 2015


In SS3, I was still a bright student, but not as intelligent as I was before I met Beulah, all thanks to the countless night parties, weed smoking and drinking.

During one of those parties, I was introduced to cocaine by my bad gangster boyfriend who was one of the viking boys. Ken was an off and on boyfriend, so I wouldn't bother about him.

The party was so loud and wild which attracted the attention of the police. I and the girls managed to escape without getting caught.

I hated the holiday period cos I had to go home to be the humble and homely Helen, which I detested. My parents still saw me as their little girl, dey didn't see me as an 18 years old big girl and in SS3. I had to pretend to be the good daughter they have always known.

So most attimes, I lied to them that we had summer lessons in school so I wouldn't come for the holidays, or I would say Beulah's dad booked us for an educational trip within or outside Nigeria.

My parents would give in to this cos dey were already familiar with Beulah and her parents, and I'll have the wildest holiday ever with Beulah and the girls. Her parents weren't staying in the country so she usually bribes the house-help during our outings.

One of the previous house-help's tried behaving stubborn, so Beulah lied against her to her parents. She accused the help of being a bad influence on her cos she brings home so many guys. Beulah's parents fired her immediately, and then hired the new one, who was more cooperative .

My parents approved of our friendship. Beulah was the serpent, a seductress who danced her way into my parents house and heart, she behaved so nice whenever she came visiting. 

She would often lead in my family's morning devotions and it was really a serious fire prayer session. I couldn't help but open my eyes during the one of those prayer sessions to be sure if it was really Beulah that was praying.

She would behave so holy, I usually watched in awe during her acts while she winks at me. My parents had an automatic liking and a straight approval of her.  She was indeed the serpent.

Something happened during our SS3 which got me suspended from school.  We were caught having sex with 3 guards,  and were asked to produce our parents, then I knew that I was doomed.

How was I to tell my parents that I was suspended and the reason why I was suspended. I wailed but as usual Beulah promised to handle it.

I stayed in her house for a week and was shocked when we were called back to resume classes the following week. I asked her how she did it, she said that she told one of her man-friends who pretended to be my dad, and with a little persuasion and rubbing of hands, the principal gave in to our return. Beulah saved me again, I respected her more.

I passed my JAMB, so did the girls, all thanks to the special centre's they registered. When I called Beulah the morning of the Jamb exams, she was barely awake . Someone else was to write the exams for her. Lucky her.

I was still a bit brilliant so I didn't register in a special centre, moreover it was dad that bought the form. The more reason why I couldn't, even though I wished to lay on my bed like Beulah while someone else does all the hard work. Mtchww, my old school parents.

Out of my reverie, I was back to reality. I watched her, despite the disguise, I still recognized her. She told me how she had survived the ordeal while they left her for dead. Yes Indeed, Ego and Tessy were dead but she survived. And from here she would be going to the airport and disappearing from Nigeria for good.

She told me that was sorry cos I was going to be the scape goat, the Jesus to be crucified and die for all our sins. I was dumbfounded as I watched her wave goodbye while she left with the most wicked grin ever.

I watched on even as the guard guided me back to my cell. Tomorrow will be my execution, and I just found out that my greatest nightmare, Beulah was alive and a freeman who was about fleeing the country, while I die. I couldn't weep cos there were no more tears left in my eyes.

I could remember vividly what landed me to this place. The shootout during one of our cult clashes. It was in our third year in the University, I was raped by a cult guy,  being a cult girl myself, I and my group swore to retaliate. Yes, I ended up killing the guy that raped me, but it was so bloody and messy. The guys, fought back and this attracted the police. People were killed and arrested. Beulah, Ego and Tessa were dead, I assumed Beulah was too. I was arrested and charged for murder. So here I am.

I had chosen this path, and it's indeed my hell. As I walked with the prison warden to the place of my execution, I recalled all I had done. The reckless life I lived. "I curse you Beulah". I remembered my parents and siblings faces. I specifically insisted not to see them, I didn't want them seeing me in this state. I just wrote a letter to them begging for their forgiveness, and asking them to pray for my soul.

I am just 22 years old and my life was about to be taken away from me. I wept. I begged for a second chance to live right. Ooh!! how I wish I had listened to the better me all those years. Had I known I wouldn't be here right now.

As they tied me to the pole of my death. I raised my eyes to the heavens and said "forgive me Lord". The guys with guns were ready, already waiting for instructions.

As I heard them give the final order, I shot my tear-filled eyes, embracing and giving in to the darkness and the dark shadows. My life was played right infront of me. Then I heard the shot.

                           THE END.

Please,  if you have any story to share with the house, kindly send it to Thanks for being patient till the end of this story. I hope you enjoyed it.

Remember, every Sunday is our Story Sunday, so stay glued, and if you have any story for submission I'll need the stories before then so that I can peruse it before Sunday. Kisses.

Saturday, 25 April 2015


Happy Saturday and how was your Friday night? How una see the rain? Hope you all enjoyed the rain last night? E try oo, at least the room try cool small, na the mosquitoes wey sing National Anthem for my ear and use my body do fertile ground I vex for. God is watching. Lolz.

Days ago, I got into a conversation with a dear friend of mine, the subject then changed to sex. She confided that her sex life has been reduced mostly due to her hubby's new infuriating  "one minute" mannerisms. At first, she thought  it was a phase that will pass soon, but it persisted, it's now six months, and it's very frustrating for her. I could understand her plight and that of other ladies out there on this issue, especially if they are on the high libido side, staying with a "one minute" guy isn't easy.

Friday, 24 April 2015


I don get alert na #Godwin.  Hehehe,   TGIF!!! Finally, another Friday and another weekend. All you party goers, hope you have your party shoes ready(#winks). For the non party/clubbers,cuddle up with a good movie (that's if phcn go gree), or with a good book,  or you can even go out to count the cars that passes in front of your house.  Lolz.

Today we are gonna talk about a trending topic on almost every social network and that has come to be a part of us, "selfies".

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Tantrum Thursday!!!

Behold, another Tantrum Thursday is here. A day we open our  packaged and boxed up anger with the aid of the greatest weapon, the pen or typing.

So folks, what happened to you during the past week? For me, due to the prevalent electricity situation, yours truly can now boast of having heat rashes (e no funny oooo). Na so so rash come full ma body like say I be grater.

Early this week too, as if the heat wasn't enough, my self acclaimed "landlord", my landlady's son thought it wise that he will put the spoilt water overhead tank right infront of my house!! See me see wahala ooooNa so I spark, wetin na? He that can't sleep without light, that he runs his gen all night and has the luxury of a fan at night and me that I wait on nature's breeze to atleast reduce the heat, and with the way houses are built here in Lagos with little space for air,  the guy carry the tank wan block the small space left for breeze for me. Hmm,  I no gree oo. I no wan here say Lagos dey smell.

Guess, that was a day he saw my "not so gentle" side. He had no choice but to remove it.

Don't know if its only in my area, but the new trend is car theft. Been happening more frequently in my area now. If they can't steal the car, they try to make do with something of value. God save us all.

Aha!! This Xenophobia thing dey provoke me too. Na wetin? Na bad thing to go person country?
And we Nigerians that go for "greener pasture", fire burn your country? If you don dey like ten years and you never hammer, abeg, come home. If you no get transport fare, send account number, we go do community effort and contribute.

Do we Nigerians treat other nationalities the same way we are treated there? #foodforthought. We treat foreigners like demigods in this country, when we mean so little to them over there. "A word is enough for the wise".

Ehe!! Lastly, Just read a news caption about a lady that stole 8million naira and was sentenced to 266 years improsonment!!! For 8million alone!! Haba!! How much do ministers and governors steal and none has been given such sentence? Judiciary, abeg, make una take am easy ooo with the average people . How about you, what happened to you during the week? Love you loads.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

XENOPHOBIA: an excuse of a lazy man.

A wonderful Wednesday to all you my lovely Pamscribers. For today's post, we are gonna talk about Xenophobia/Xenophobic attacks meted by South Africans to foreigners.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Random feminine thought!!!

Women have over ages been known to not only being child bearers, but home keepers. She not only caters to the children's needs, but she takes care of her oldest baby, her spouse(men r still babies na?) Men on the other hand are noted to be bread winners, the head of the family and the defense of every home, duly noted.

So, I find it not only repulsive but egoistical and selfish to hear cases where the man can't and won't help in any thing domesticated in the house. Citing it as "unmanly".

Monday, 20 April 2015

Bullying amongst us.

Happy Monday Pamscribers, the week has turned full circle and we are here again. How was your weekend? Monday, as the first working day of the week brings about a new drive, expectation, exuberance and hope, that soon, payday will arrive ( I dey count day joor, aint you?).

A while back, I went to buy airtime, on getting there, I met two girls, the oldest was like seven or eight years, while the other was little over two years. The oldest was trying to pacify the youngest to eat and as kids, she refused. The spank/slap that followed even had me pause like say na remote dem use hold me. It was like electric shock.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

My Path, MY HELL. PT 2

Click here to read My Path, MY HELL. pt 1

The first time I smoked "weed" was in JSS3 at a party during one of our escapades (my first escapade) outside the school compound. I felt like I was going to die and had the worst headache ever. Beulah and her clique had a deal (bribe) with one of the security guards that guards hostel E block. There was a shaky part of the fence which the school authorities had not noticed yet. 

He does help in removing few part of blocks so that they will fit in and sneak out, while he covers it back so no one notices. When they get to the other side of the the fence, they'll change into beautiful sexy clothes and then get into a standby car waiting nearby, which will convey them to wherever they intend to go to that night. Arrangements were always made prior to each outing.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Blind date.

A lot of people are indulging in blind dates of recent time. You meet someone on social media, you guyz get chatty and then hit it off, next thing you want to meet. You guyz fix a meeting point, and then gbam, it's a date, but isn't that called a blind date?

Friday, 17 April 2015

TGIF Pamscribers!!!

Friday, yeppie!! Another weekend has befallen us. How has the week been with you all? Today we are gonna discuss about two issues today.

First, do women really mean no when they say "NO"? Women are known to be great actresses. A woman will act a part till she is immersed in the role. During romance and atimmes foreplay, a lady will say no and hoping the guy won't stop. Is no another form of saying yes? Why not just say yes and help the poor guy, Lolz. #sideeyes. #justsaying.

The next one is, on a first date, is it mandatory for a guy to pay the transport fare for the gal? Is it in any dating handbook? Abeg, if you see am, bring my attention to it biko. #giggles. So, I hope you all have fun this weekend, do everything in moderation, apart from love.

 Ehee, we havn't come up with a name yet oo. I dey wait. Help us come up with a good name. Catch ya. #loveyoulikekilode. Kisses and e-hugs xoxo.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

TaNtRuM tHuRsDaY!!!

Thursday is here again. Another day we package our grievances, anger and all the negatives and let off steam by saying it out loud. Fact is, I'm grateful for life and being hale and hearty.

So, what happened during the week? Hmmmmmmm, my phone decided the perfect time to go blank was now, that fone no get mind at all. Didn't even give a sign oo, it just went off just like that. This happened on tuesday while going to work. I took it to computer village for repairs, the guy tried shaa and later said "Sister, its better you get yourself a new phone cos this one don puff". So here I am, managing a palasa phone that has its own psychological problems. #sobs. Its well oo. Sometimes I feel I can hear it laughing at me when it hangs.

On another matter, I don't know if its only in my area or what, but the heat wave here na die. The sun is so scorching I can boil beans outside with it. And the heat ehn!!, I wake up to find myself in a pool of sweat. Phcn abi Nepa aren't helping at all. We now have two days offday and two hours on the third day. Na light be that?
All I have to say is Diaris God oo. God is watching you all (in mama peace voice).
So what's yours? Vent it out here.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Still on the EX issue.

Now, I'm going to still talk about exes today too cos there are certain things I need to clarify about this issue once and for all. The question here is, do you think dating an EX is wise? What exactly led to the break up initially?

Dating an EX to me is like going back to eat up your vomit. I once tried that and believe me we didn't last 3 weeks. We thought it would all be rosy like when we initially dated but mehn, it was more of torture and nothing like before, so we called it quits amicably.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

THE "Ex".

Hello Pamscribers, how una dey? This is me vexing with style. Today is supposed to be our Guest Post Tuesday but you know what, we have none. Biko nu, let's not stop this trend, it makes this blog more interesting. Let us keep it going. Send in you GUEST POSTS latest Monday evening please. Make me happy next week tuesday ejoo. Ghost readers, you aint excluded here, even if you don't comment (although I'll love you to), kindly send in guest post you hear. Thanks for una usual cooperation. God bless una. Ok, vexing over. Back to the post for today.

Many of us have had the privilege to either be hurt enough and walk away or strong enough to end a relationship and move on. Do we really move on? How long does it take to erase the memories of an ex?
Days, weeks, months? Heard a quote the other day and it made me smile, "be careful who you make memories with, those things last a lifetime". Part of these memories could be a place, mine was cos whenever I pass that scene, which was everyday, I broke down. And that really contributed to me not healing on time back then.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Pammie's Crib Face of the Week.

#Dancing skelewu, skelewu, skelelelelelewu. Hahahaha. (Grabs mike) Hiya Pamscribers/Pamites/Crib mates, ehm add yours (lolz), welcome once again to another Monday of Pammie's Crib face of the week. Ohh, I always look forward to this beautiful day and the excitement that follows.#still dancing. Anywayz, I hereby introduce to you our pweety face of the week, none other person than Catwalk with Pat. hehehehe.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

My Path, MY HELL!!!

Had I known before what I know now, I wouldn't be in this predicament I find myself.  Those glorious self regretting words "had I known" always finds its way into our lips and thoughts. Yes, had I known, I would never had done those things that is giving me so much grief now. Hmmmmm. 

My name is Helen, first child in a family, have two younger sisters, Uchechi and Ngozi and a brother, Daniel. Dad was a teacher and headmaster in the local primary school, Mum was a tailor or fashion designer as we call them now. We weren't rich and we weren't poor. 

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Who gossip pass?

Good day Pamscribers/Crib mates (the jury is still out on the one to choose), hope you all went out to vote? For others like me, I took the day to sleep. To my Igbo brothers/sisters, how life in the lagoon? Or is it too early to ask? Lol. Glad the elections are finally almost over and back to normalcy we return. No more election/electioneering news and deaths. The billboards, posters, jingles will all now cease, some which were noise pollution and eye sores. I will personally vote for the winner of today's election next year(#shinesteeth). So the award for the gossiper (permit me to use that word) of the century goes to .......... Between the ladies and gents,who do you think is the best gossiper? Gossips/gossiping was in times past a "female" thing. Amebo/tatafo etc, all depicted women as the main culprits. Yes, we were,mostly due to inactivity (an idle mind is the devil's supermarket). Now, the tides have changed, men have taken the crown from us. Men kiss and tell, men in a group of three or more talk about football, the ladies they have bedded, the ones they are planning to bed and even the ones they dream about bedding. Women have this rivalry amongst themselves, a lady will pass and the eye a fellow lady go look that lady go dey like daggers. Abi I dey lie? Theories like ,"she likes doing "yanga" like she is the only lady in the world, she slept with her friends boyfriend, she dates "older men", wetin be your own? Guys don't feel the same way. Most ladies see other ladies as rivals and thus, divulge as little as possible. The less you know about them, the better. Men can give you an undiluted gist shaa. I've been around a lot of guys to know this. Una akproko no get second place. Anyhow, make una change ooo, akproko/amebo/gossip no good. I don talk my own. Abi I lie? So Pamscribers (Lolz), what's your take on this matter. Who's the greatest gossip between the two? Cheers.

Friday, 10 April 2015

TGIF: Give me my top NOW!!!

Another weekend is upon us. TGIF, for those residing in Lagos and for Igbos like me, my swimming instructor is still taking new students. Lwkm. My people gather, gather round cos tatafo gist don land, hehehe. But first of all how are you all doing? Waddup! I'm in a really great mood today as if I won a lottery shaa. Shoutout to my fellow blogger, Catwalk with Pat, an amazing lady whose birthday was on the 8th of this month. This is to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday, May your Ijebu garri never lack sugar or salt or honey, or groundnut, or anything that you'll use to drink it, Amen. God bless thee. Cheers darl and sorry this is coming late. So back to the main gist! Early this morning, my humble self with my neighbour set out to market to buy few clothes to keep body and soul together (as I dey manage), after all the haggling and arguing prices, (and fighting with words), due to the fall of the naira and the increase in the dollar, I could only buy a few less than I wish I could, Chai!(lol). As we were making our way out of the market, I noticed a crowd gathering and asked my yoruba speaking neighbour what was going on (I never master yoruba finish na). The interpretation she gave went thus: Two girl friends, one loaned her shirt to the other for a party two months ago, and since after the party till now the girl hasn't returned the shirt back. Despite going to her loanee's place countless times and calls to return the top, the top was either kidnapped or "top-napped" as the case is, and since that day, the friend has been dodging her. The loaner of the top to make matters worse started hearing vibes that the loanee is dating her man behind her back. Na so, on this fateful day, both loanee and loaner coincidentally met in the market, with the loanee wearing the loaner's shirt. The owner pounced on her, with a hot slap, and really in a fighting mood, raining abuses on the loanee (yoruba abuses can sabi make sense well), demanding her top back there and then, despite pleas from passerby. I couldn't help but laugh at the scenario. Devil can sabi leave somepeople go church shaa. But why today of all days? Why must it be today that she was wearing the same shirt? Wetin you for do if you were the owner? Na so I laugh my own commot there oo. Ehmm, tatafo over. Ok, bye. Do have a beautiful weekend and please vote wisely, and swim nicely. #shinesteeth. Lolz. Abeg, I'm looking for a unique name to call the wonderful people in this blog apart from lovelies, dearies, etc. I want something really unique. I tried Pammie's Crib mates, too long right? Pammie's mates? Crib mates? Pcribers? Abeg I don tire. Ejoo, biko, help a sister in need. Anyone that comes up with the best, hmmm, your reward is in heaven not even on this earth. Lolz.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Tantrum THURSDAY!!!

Thank God it's Thursday. A day before Friday and a day after Wednesday, a day we tread the psychological path of raising our voices through the pen and not with our fists. Over the past week, what has offended, angered, annoyed you, this is the place to let it all out. For me, same NEPA issue, the worst part is coming home to be told light lasted all day, and then around 8pm they'll bring it only to take it back by exactly 11:27pm till I leave for work the next day. Believe me, I've been timing them everyday. Mtchww. I have to wake up and take my bath like four times cos the heat is too much, even fan is blowing heat sef. The sun here can roast fish, abii I lie? All those Oyibo ladies that likes to Sunburn, abii is it Sun-dry, abii Sun-tan, or Sun-whatever their skin should come to Naija, infact before they go back to their country, they'll really be Sun-tanned more than the way they want. Lolz. Now that the "Change" chant has come, I really hope that a huge change will really occur in the power sector for us. During the weekend, I attended a bufday parry, after all the dancing and all, the long awaited food sharing started (jollof rice ofcourse). My dear, dancing can really make you hungry, (laf all you want, I carry my belle go there na). To my utter disappointment, na so the sharers brought one dejected looking rice with the tinniest meat ever known to man come my front. Chai! Food that even my neighbour's dog would prefer staying hungry than eating it. Hunger get choice now na? I manage the food sha, how I go do? When hunger don sandpaper my belle. Biko, who has visited the Lagos state teaching hospital lately? My friends cousin had to take the mum there and she came back with tears in her eyes and a knife to her heart. From what she described, the nurses and doctors there showed the total callousness, "I don't care" attitude, lack of professionalism and the ever present corruption virus. Even the security was given a token to enable the patient be driven in!!! Aghh!! Ehmm, the Oba of Lagos talk this week about the Igbo's, #clearsthroat. Well I reserve my comment, biko, Igbo's be ready with your life jackets come Saturday. I yaff talk my own. Despite all, I'm grateful for life, and yes, her mum is okay now, all thanks to God. With these few tantrums of mine, I hope you will add yours and feel the relief I feel now. Lol. Ejoo emabinu (no vex if I didn't get the spelling, I meant don't be offended). Sorry for the late tantrums. #shinesteeth.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Is it wise to date your friend?

A friend of mine approached me and told me that he's in love with his female friend. He manned up and told her about his feelings towards her, but the issue here is, as much as the girl will love to date him (cos he's a really cool guy), she's scared that if anything ugly happens in future, it will not only ruin their relationship, but it will also ruin their long-term friendship. I can relate to her fear. Not everybody can actually go from being in a relationship with someone to breaking up with them and then go back to being just friends. Their emotions may not handle it. But there's a theory that, the best relationships/ marriages are those between friends. Here, the guy/lady already knows basically everything about you. Your in and out, ups nd downs, your happy moment/ mood swings. Everything. So there's nothing more to learn or hide from you. I cherish those relationships, they are mostly unique. I know of a couple that were very good friends before they even started dating/ got married. Prior to them dating each other, they were involved in different relationships. Later on, the guy asked the girl out, she refused for the same reason as above. When she finally gave it a shot, they didn't regret it cos now dey are happily married. But what has an upside also has a downside. The downside here is that, what if you people later find out that you both aint compactable, that you guyz are better off as friends than lovers. Or something really bad happens that will later ruin both the relationship and the friendship, which will fill you both with bitterness and regrets if not hatred for each other. So as much as I love people dating their friends, you both should also open your eyes to know if she/he is really the one. If not, ejoo, biko, stick to being friends for life rather than enemies for life. So what's your take on this issue my friends. Is it wise to date your friend?

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

GUEST POST: Should I keep trusting her?

I am an avid reader of your blog, I really like your style of writing, though I don't comment as much as I do read. I really like your guest post of last week and decided to write this, hope its published. Am a male in my early 30's, am madly in love with the gal am dating. She, like many gals have lots of male friends. She does a lot of hanging out with them. Recently, she said an out of town/longtime friend was in town and wanted to see her, and go clubbing with her, she told me. And after clubbing, will go home with him as the distance from her place is far. I agreed. Next, she spent another night again with another male friend of hers after clubbing out with him and said nothing happened between them, though the guy tried to make advances but she refused (her words). I trust and love her. Is it ok for me to let her spend time and hang out wit her male friends? Should I start distrusting her? Please I'll appreciate you comments bcos I'm a bit confused. *****Like Stella, let me sit down and read comments while pretending I'm a mermaid. Lolz**** Please dear friends, let's help our confused broz.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Pammie's Crib Face of the WEEK/ Pammie's Crib 3rd Month Anniversary.

 Yessoo, yessoo, eeh (in tuface's voice). #clears throat. Welcome to today's Pammie's Crib face of the week. We have a very buriful lady today oo. The guyz in da house where una day...Introducing.... wait for it....#drum rolls.... Meet our dearest Chinco bee.

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Click here to read THE DIARY 1.

Constance came around, all fully dressed up and geared for the function. I looked at her puzzled at first on why she was all looking different from the regular jean and top girl that I knew, then it dawned on me that we were supposed to attend Susan's wedding together. 

Susan was a course-mate of ours back then in school and we were actually shocked to hear that she was getting married cos she was literally not a one man's woman. 

Back then during our university days, she actually told us that she won't be settling down in. She only desires to be a single mum, "enjoy her life" and not be caged by any man. So imagine our surprise when I and Constance heard that she was getting married. We then swore never to miss her wedding, we actually wanted to see the man who succeeded in "caging" Susan.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Flirting in relationship: Yay or Nay.

Ewooo! I don enter today. Ejoo my dear Chinco bee. This is to wish you a very Happy Belated Birthday dearie. I say a BIG AMEN to all your heart desires and May God continue to butter your bread and sugar your tea. Amen. Love you like kilode. Infact as a peace offering, can you kindly grace us with your lovely face as our face of the week for next week? Will really appreciate that. Biko send me an email with your lovely pictures and a little profile of yourself. Thanks.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Orobo vs Lekpa: Who sure pass?

Happy Good Friday my lovely friends. Today marks a special day in Christian-Dom and we thank our Lord Jesus Christ for all he did for us. May his name be praised. Let us have a somber time of reflection of ourselves, both the Christian and Non-Christian.

Another Friday is here, and many have plans and some others will go with the flow of the moment (winks).  We all have different choices. Most people have a penchant for the round and full, others prefer the "Agbani-like" figures. Incase you haven't guessed what I'm talking about, it's the size or figure of we women, preferred by our men. Whether it's tribal or ethnic, men like their ladies differently. Some like the "orobo" while others like the "lekpa". 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Tantrum Thursday.

I really have nothing to rant about today. The election was peaceful all thanks to God. NEPA has been good to us so far, Yippy. The campaigns are over, now I can get to watch my favorite televista programe, (sideying Chinco bee). No conductor took my change, I didn't fall from a bus. That's good, right? Though, there's something that's bothering me a bit. My pageviews are reducing. Wetin happen? Is there something I'm not doing right? Am I boring you with my posts? Have I deviated from what I was doing initially? Is there something you want me to do that I'm not doing? Abeg let me know. Indicate in the comment section what you feel I'm not doing right and how you want me to spice it up, or you can even send me a mail to . Don't forget to throw your tantrums too. Cheers dearies.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My KAI experience

See me see wahala today ooo, I was in a hurry cos I was late for work, didn't want to use the pedestrian bridge, so I decided to take the easiest way by crossing the road. Halfway through, a plain colored KAI official caught me and said I'll have to go to their station with him.
I ran, didn't even think about it, then he started chasing me with a few of his colleagues, they were faster and caught up with me, handcuffed me, and dragged me towards the black maria, while I was crying at my stupidity and where I'll get 25k from