Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Does Love have a price-tag?

Long ago, before the advent of  airtime, Brazilian hair, BB Porshe, Gucci bags and Ferrari's, love still existed
Our parents were privileged to love wholeheartedly, the age long mantra of "till death do you part" was alive and couples believed in such vows.
The question is, does true love really exist? Loving without holding back, without hoping to cash in or believing that there is a reward for your love?
Recently a friend said something that really got me thinking, he asked "does love and relationship come with a price tag?" This took me flashing back to a lady that I once knew, she insisted that she won't date or marry a guy that can't cater for her financially, that he must be "super-rich" and supply all her needs (na God?). She isn't the only one I've heard it from, a lot of people have this at the back of their minds while going into a relationship. Note that this is also applicable to the male folks too and not only the females.

I'm not denying the fact that marriages and relationships need finance, but must it be capitalized on? I heard of a scenario whereby the lady works but capitalizes on spending the guys money and none of hers. The guy in question here got so furious at this and refused to give her money, just to test her, but presently they are in a "temporary" breakup (I hope its temporal).

I believe in independence, if he gives me, fine, if he doesn't, fine too. Its not that I don't like money, I do, and if he has enough to share, why shouldn't he? and I don't mean the stingy 'aka gum/aradite' guys, that even if they have, they still won't give, I mean the free-spirited and free-handed person. If there is dire need for it, why don't you help out. I don't believe that there should be a price-tag for relationships or that they should be expensive. There are other things to a relationship than money, right?
What is your take on this issue? Lets chat friends. 


  1. Gals of nowadays want a ready made man. That's y many gals go for sugar dadies n date men way older than themselves. Yes,love isn't everything in a relationship,but in paying the bills,u add respectability and and care to the existing love.

  2. I've always been one to fend for myself but some men take advantage of your independence & do not even make the smallest most simple gestures you'd expect. I expect to be treated like the queen that I am while I will also treat you the best way I can. in all there should be reciprocity.

  3. I go with you on this Pam

    I can take care of myself but if he has more than enough to go round, we are gonna spend it together and if not, will still make do with what I have infact we will share it together.Am not on the "Olojukokoro/unsatisfied" train

    We are help meet so we should both contribute to the survival of the family front

  4. Like tubs will always say,we are team mate,we should walk beside each other.


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