Friday, 27 March 2015

Counting down...

With less than a day to the presidential elections, the impending election seems to be the most talked about topic on social media, in buses, newspaper stands and bus stops not excluded.

Despite my "siddon for fence" attitude, there seems to be a foreboding in this elections like the previous. A friend chatted with me yesterday and said he is traveling down to the east for safety (he stays in Abuja). One here in Eko said I should stock my cupboards with foodstuffs very well ooo.

Waitoo, are we expecting a world war epidemic or is it an election to elect a new president to govern us for another four years or confirm the incumbent to follow the trend of eight years served. All in all, vote wisely and desist from any violence of any sort. I dey beg.

I guess clubs won't have its normal packed patronage like before (my apologies, on behalf of INEC, Lolz). So biko, everyone should be careful. Vote early enough and leave for your houses. Try as much as possible to avoid all these blood tasty people. Happy weekend my lovelies, stay safe.


  1. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  2. It is well. Pray for a peaceful election.

  3. Thank God I have bed in my PVC for me, so no voting *not proud of it tho*. Happy Weekend Pam

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  4. Yaaaaay! Sai Buhari.
    May the election be a peaceful one
    Happy Weekend dear

  5. I am having this feel of anxiety had 5 years ago when i was preparing for my bar finals


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