Friday, 13 March 2015

TGI-Kpomo Day. Lol.

A while back, I was minding my own business ooo. Saw a lady in the market, this was when our Federal government deemed it fit to ban the one thing that is a special delicacy to many Nigerian homes, "kpomo". This caused an uproar. How can something so cheap and affordable, not a card carrying member of any party be banned? We have been eating it for decades!!! Na so the lady vex spark, "........if we cannot to see kpomo buy, wetin again we go chop?" "First dem say na ebola dey, make we no chop bushmeat, we hear and fear catch us, now na kpomo. Which kin thing be this, na lizard we go chop?"
As funny as she sounded, I felt her pain too. I eat kpomo too, (haba!! I get swag too na, Lol). Who amongst you haven't eaten kpomo raise your hands up, make I count? After the initial announcement, I didn't expect to see kpomo in the markets again, I assumed it will be sold in hidden alleys like black market goods but no, our "kpomo" has come to stay, atleast for now. Hahahaha.

So as we all enjoy the weekend, let's thank God that our dear kpomo has lived to see freedom from persecution. This weekend, may kpomo not only be in industries for shoes and the likes, but also in our pots and plates, Amen. I therefore pronounce today as "kpomo" day (knacks gravel). TGIF and a beautiful weekend to you all, my lovelies. Kisses Muahh.

**** That excruciating pain you feel when your hair is being weaved by two people at the same time in a salon. It's definitely a first for me, and damn too painful. What beauty will cause for this life. Una bye bye, I'm close to tears here. Chai! My hair ooo.


  1. Kpomo or Kanda as people often call, is one of my favorite.
    How can "they ban it?", Na lie o eno fit happen.
    it is relatively cheap ie affordable by the masses. My question is why is it that things that are being banned are thing affordable by the masses? Okada, Keke Napepin some areas and now Kpomo. May God help us oooooooooooo. Agbara Reginald

  2. Adonbilivit....Ko jooor. I was in d market a while ago and saw ponmo
    Ponmo has come to stay for good my sister,they cannot ban it.

  3. Pele, it's not by tulas *in grandma voice*,go bald,sorry natural.
    I hate ponmo, I hate the smell,but my husband is a foodie he loves ponmo infact he has varieties I must to buy every weekend *walksaway *

  4. Lllooolllzz , ban Kpomo ke¡!! They cantant fit do dat!! Mbanu!!

  5. Oh I love kpomo. That hair pulling is tears-inducing.I remember back in school I would rush to do tiny twisting at this salon with plenty girls where as many as three girls would be pulling your head in every direction. Na so so "sorry, sorry o" you hear till you leave for all your complaints. When my front hair went on holiday & I was looking like 'iyamileko' no one told me to press pause on tiny braids, hehehe.

  6. Awwww how I liss eating kpomo! Kpele oooo maka your hair - I am very particular about who does my hair. I hate it when people pull my hair. I used to tolerate it in the past but not anymore. Agbogho na akali don't be silly!


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