Friday, 20 March 2015

Ladies and Heels.

Heels! Heels!! Heels!!! I love them cos they make you look smart especially when you can walk on it (I think). At work, occasions, Wow! so lovely. I have a couple of heels but I've learnt my lesson the hard way, coupled with my mums stern warnings about the side effects of heels on your waist, I've decided to stick to my flat shoes. I also once fell on my heels down the stairs, and my leg was swollen for a week, since then, I stuck to my flats.
There was also this incident in my office where my colleague who really loves heels, infact who needs the tower of babel to hear from Baba God when you gat those heels, the inches no be here, I was even fearing for her. Anyways, one day, like me she fell from the stairs with that mighty heels, tried to stand up but ended up falling again, it actually happened 3 times, then someone helped her up. Hmmm, I really felt for her cos she couldn't walk very well after that, but had to go home early. No be person tell am, for the next 6 months, she came to the office with flats.

As much as I love heels, my flats are so comfortable especially in this part of the world where there are bad roads. When I see ladies walking on bad roads with their finely built heels, I cringe. Why should you suffer your legs and those heels, especially your legs. In the absence of a car, its right to put those heels in a bag, wear your flats and then when you get to your location, you then rock the heels. It's far more better and comfortable that way.

There was actually another incident. I was in a bus on a Sunday morning, while waiting for the bus to get filled up, a lady passed us, shaking like fowl wey dey pour hot water. Then, my gaze and that of so many others were on her. Fine babe was probably coming back from morning mass, rocking her beautiful heels but babe no fit waka on it. Both her and the shoes were shaking, people were already laughing, the next thing ...gbam, fine babe was face down on the ground. Chai! Lagos people wicked ooo, instead of someone to help her up, they laughed and laughed, I must confess I didn't know when I laughed too (covers face). I'm sure she would have wished for the earth to open and swallow her, but as usual, it didn't, so she quietly stood up, picked her heels and walked bare-footed. If say she carry flats that embarrassment would have been avoided. So you see, flat shoes saves lives.

So when flying your "owambe" parry this weekend, remember to carry a flat along side. Do have a blissful weekend my lovelies.


  1. I used to be crazy about heels too. I got over the craze when it proved difficult to wear really high heels to church cos the floor of the church compound was really uneven. I used to feel foolish so I stopped wearing really high heels. Moderate heels or flats for me now. Comfort over fashion!

  2. I hardly wear heels but If im going to be rocking my heels to church or an occasion, I dont need anyone to remind to carry my flipflop. I will go for all the offering in church ooo, everybody must see my shoe + i've gat really graceful walking steps **shines teeth** once church is over, I go find one corner remove the shoe and wear the flipflop, I no go like embarrass myself biko. BTW the shoe will last longer that way

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  3. To be honest, Nig's soils do not fair well with heels
    They are just made to destroy your legs and the shoes LOL

  4. I love heels, I have s them, but I dare not, I repeat I'd are not wear it to work or on the street, for kinni. The only time i rock my heels is on Sunday to church and owambe; even at that I don’t feel comfortable with it . abeg no be by force to do big girl


  5. Wow! What an interesting issues you got here Pam. I have advise for ladies, Kpam isi akpara dee John, Isi muna Dee John Obu?

    Most of our ground here does encourage wearing of heels. Not all legs can wear heels. there are some people I do see their legs are no good at, their steps, etc. some times in church girls will be 170cm plus but the towards the closure od service their heights has been reduced. For me as a guy I like originality, flats, being natural. Lol, sometimes after wedding some girls will cling to a guy support because she can't walk alone cos of high heel.

    So girls just be yourself. ...Agbara Reginald

  6. I love heels but I rarely wear them. cos at the end of the day, i get tired of them. Flats all the way.

  7. Lol Im not keen on heels for the following reasons: comfort over style, I would rather avoid some funny incidents and my husband to be is only a few inches taller than me and I'm not complaining because Ive never liked very tall guys

  8. The problem I have with heels is the YAM appearing in my legs. I would rather stick to my flats

    For Owambe....Ohyeah Heels all the way!!!!!!


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