Sunday, 22 March 2015

Weekend wahala.

Happy Sunday my dearies, how has your day been so far? Remain blessed people.
My apologies to you all cos THE MASK won't be coming in today. Something happened yesterday and I lost a lot of files, when I say a lot, I mean A LOT, and The Mask wasn't spared either. I no fit cry, I no fit laugh. As at this moment I don't even know what or how to feel, all I'm thinking about right now is to get those documents back. Hmmm, it's well with me.

Anyways, despite everything I still gat something for you guyz. So here I was yesterday trying to get to work, yes it was a weekend but babe has to make a living, so yours truly needs money to keep body and soul together. I sluggishly left the house to the bustop to get a bus to my destination with a slight hangover (I shouldn't have drunk soo much the night before when I hung out with the guyz). Stood at the bustop for 20 minutes still no bus to go to work cos there was shortage of buses going to my route, and the few that came along inflated their fares, so I decided to wait for a bus with a lower fare.

10mins later, a bus came along, "Ikeja -50 naira, waso waso". Fiam, I jumped, forgot about my principle of not rushing or running after a bus. As I was, so were a whole lot of other people running after that same bus, see pushing and shoving, Thank God I was carrying a purse which I held firmly to avoid stories that touch the bone marrow or the case of my phone being kidnapped again.

As I tried entering the bus, the driver suddenly remembered that he had to move, by then one of my legs was inside the bus and the other was on the ground. So immediately he moved, I and the other passengers were shouting "driver wait waitoo, driver duro", but it was already too late for me cos I saw myself fall face down yakata on the floor. Ewoo! Indeed, that was the fall of the century. I can't even remember the last time I fell like that. Hmmm, e no funny at all.

Few people helped me up, while I limped into the bus in pain (Still going to work, wetin I go do?), with people telling me sorry in different tongues while raining abuses at the driver. Infact a woman actually took it personal oo and another drama ensued, biko, gist for another day. Lol.
These drivers with their conductors should take it easy on me and stop attacking me joor. IJN, I go buy car, (Lol). So, no more rushing for transport for me, I'm back to walking majestically into the bus. If the bus can't wait for me, I no enter.
Have a Blessed day friends.


  1. Eeeehya, tk kia dear, Car blessing on d way IJN

  2. Awwwwwww, sorry dear, it's time like this you remember you need a car badly, may God provide one for you.

  3. Lmaoooo I can imagine how the woman must have taken it personal. Sorry about your fall dear. Hustle continues

  4. "The great Fall"lolzz sorry dear..hope you dint injure yourself???

  5. Eyaaaa sorry about your fall dear - hopefully you will be a proud car owner in no time. Lol @ to avoid stories that touch the bone marrow- I'm definitely stealing that one. Hope you had a lovely weekend despite the recent incident?

  6. Sorry about the fall. I can imagine the pain and embarrassment. That fall was just to serve as a reminder to God how badly you need a car already
    It is well dear

  7. This is so heart bleeding to hear, Pamsy.
    Sorry. Really wish I was there. Agbara Reginald


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