Wednesday, 18 March 2015

God Bless our MOTHERS.

This is a post belated "Mother's day" message. Infact, mothers should not have a day to be celebrated, there should be a year of no work, just sit on the couch, no cooking, no chores, no "Womanly" duties. This should be made to give value to our mothers and women, they should only sit back and be spoilt silly with gifts and all. Even Tupac knew the value of his mother when he sang "Dear Mama".

Our own famous Prince Nico Mbaga song of "Sweet mother" have buttressed the importance of our women to nation building. Most of us would rightly give credit to our mothers for who we have become today. The sleepless nights, staying hungry that we can eat while she smiles even when hungry, selling her wrapper that we can have that sandal we yearn for, pay that fees, buy the uniform, write that WAEC and JAMB (I Love you mum). Our mothers may not be the head of the family, but definitely, they sure are the neck, leg, hand, and all parts of the body. Most are even the head, playing that role perfectly.

Our mother's have been there from our first cry, to our first tentative walking steps, first day in school, looking on with pride as I cried and wailed on my first day. When sick and I loose appetite for even the things I loved most, her tease and love and that "special" soup nursed me back to health.
So to all the mother's and to-be mother's, keep the fire burning. We love you dearly. I Love you sooo much MUM, you are indeed the BEST. May God bless and keep you for me. I celebrate you mum. #kisses and bear hugs.


  1. Blessed is how I feel for having a mother like mine.
    Sweet mother,may u never weep over us and vice versa
    Love u to d moon and back

  2. What ever tribe,language,colour,religion or continent, Mother's are all unique. Another name(s) for Mother's are, Love,Giver,Lover, Unselfish Love Giver Friend . We love U.

  3. Its almost impossible to make it without a mother's touch...we have to keep celebrating dem all day.

  4. My mom is my jewel of inestimable value, she's the only one wu's got my back no matter what, she is my greatest fan and my greatest supporter, thru her and God, I am her today
    God bless my mum and all the wonderful mothers in the world
    Long live my mum

  5. Who sat and watched my infant head - wishing all mother a happy belated Mother's Day

  6. Yes o. Mothers are everything. There are things my mum will do for me & i'll go "only a mother would do this for a person. God bless & keep our mums and may they live long,healthy & happy lives. Amen

  7. I appreciate my mum from start till now, God Pls keep her for me.

    Pls visit

  8. It is when you experience motherhood, the pains of labour,the tedious home chores then you will truly appreciate your mum.
    In my own word,mothers are the head of the home.


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