Thursday, 19 March 2015

TANTRUM Thursday!!!

Welcome again to our "Tantrum Thursday". Over the past 7 days, a lot of things and people have angered me and this is the medium where I vent my anger in words as I can't use fists(lol). Ok, I don't have much tantrums today, but I'm angry. Angry that my "I pass my neighbor" generator has finally "knocked", and the mechanic no get mind shaa, he's asking me to bring 6k for it's repairs. 6k cha? In this hard economy? Instead of me to give him 6k for it's repairs, why shouldn't I just add some money to it and then get myself a new one.

Angry that my neighbor's generator has been giving me sleepless nights (contributed to the headache). It's easier to put on your generator and then lock your doors and windows, blocking out all the generator noises outside, but when your generator is bad, you'll have to open the doors and windows (ofcourse net protected cos of mosquitoes) for fresh air, and then instead of receiving the fresh air needed, you are greeted with the generator noises which also sucks in all the air outside which you badly yearn for, and then the heat sets in, then sleepless night follows. All thanks to PHCN, still no light to justify the huge bills.
A friend just told me that in Benin, light is rotated every three(3) hours!!. Please someone should remind me, isn't Benin part of Naija? So why are we cheated here in Lagos?

My anger is still not ebbed at the conductor that kidnapped my 900 naira change this week, still looking forward to seeing him again, infact I'm hunting for him.

 Hmmmm, angry that this coming elections have made me understand what Bob Marley sang about "not having money to build schools, but having money to go to war". Teachers and civil servants haven't been paid, yet, campaigns are depicting wealth as cash is in seemingly endless supply.

Angry that I'm counting the days to the end of the month to get paid, but knowing the money won't last two weeks cos of bills to settle. Angry that my landlord has hiked his rent. Haba! Why must it be now that my rent is expired and I'm about renewing it? Nawaoo!!! God save us all. Yet in all, I'm grateful for being alive. It's well with our souls.

What are you angry about? Throw your tantrums in here.


  1. Eyaaaaa my dear - generator noise dey give headache o and I hate noise pollution - I can feel your pain. Lol @ you're still looking for that conductor with overgrown armpit hair.

    I hate working with a certain doctor who thinks that she's a cut above the rest - someone needs to sit her down and give Her a thorough lecture on humility

  2. Today is our departmental meeting and my boss can talk for africa. Am tired geeez he should just allow us give our report instead of reporting for everyone. Thank God for my phone so I won't yawn during the meeting biko

  3. Am angry at the rate of unemployment in Nigerai, am angry that
    after 4 to 5 rigorous years in the uni and after so much hunger strike during NYSc, one can't even get a befitting Job without aving connections. But for me, God has bin merciful at all times.

  4. Angry that power has not been restored in over 24hours, no fuel and my phone is about to die :(

  5. Also angry that two pimples have surfaced on my face and have refused to leave

    1. Yes Pam, they rotate light here in Benin every three hours, but throughout day before yesterday no light cos rain fell and the transformer was catching cold... Bruhahaha.
      @ 'Molola Pls visit my other niche blog for ways to make those pimples flee away

  6. Am angry that some idiots stl insist on re electing that clueless man called Jonathan.
    One yeye customer that came to my office today was hell bent on casting his vote for Jonathan again.
    I didn't even know when I said that anyone that votes Jonathan in the second time must be used to abject poverty and frustration.

  7. Am angry @ my fone repairer...he's been wiv my fone for a week and I was supposed to pick it up today against a wedding am attending in PH on saturday...He finally disappointed me...

    Pam darlin, howdy???

  8. Hahahaha, I don't even have strength for any tantrums

  9. I am angry cos I have not being able to get my voters card, twice I have spent 4k each for transport and it has been abortive. The nonchalant attitudes of those workers is sometime esle.... Agbara Reginald.


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