Saturday, 7 March 2015


Procrastination is indeed the thief of time. Oh, who hasn't fallen prey to this yet? Hmmm, I've been a victim too. For example, I kept on procrastinating on starting this blog all through last year, found myself in December 31st and still I hadn't started it yet, felt so bad about it. Finally, on the 6th of January I took that bold step and Pammie's Crib was born. Yes, there was some form of fear and discouragement but here I am today. 

One thing about taking the bold step in life is that the fear will always creep in, the cold feet and "what if's", all these will set in but if you don't shake it off and charge, procrastination will take it's course before you blink. The simple truth is indeed to take that step despite the fears and all.

A lot of us have something that jolts us back to reality though every now and then, something, a word, music or action makes us to realise that there is something that should be done that we have actually cheated on.
So, to some of us who have one thing or the other that has been left unaccomplished as a result of procrastination, we need that shove, that shake, jolt to make us take that bold step. 

Our comfort zones and couch(es) have become too comfortable. We recline and relax and are at peace with ourselves which shouldn't be so especially when we have something important to do. I woke up today and I believe I could do more, love more, give more, forgive more, learn more, read more. So can you!! Let's stop the procrastination and blame shifting and take that BOLD STEP. 
How is your weekend going? Cheers dearies and do have a lovely day.



  1. Pam I have to say you've done great work in the short time since you started. Lemme go & throw off my lazy blogger cloak...I dey come. Haha

    1. Thanks dear, Biko throw that cloak away oo and step up. lolz.

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  3. **peeks in** Hiya mami....Thought I should come wish you a Happy Weekend.... Muah!!!

  4. I was also in that shoes of procrastination as per my blog. Not unto October 30th, I decided to make a come back, not minding what nigga gonna say about it.and now I have gone too far to give up, no matter the number of comments and views am not gonna give up. In fact for me to be sick,and still have the strength to blog,then bmf is here to stay.


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