Monday, 31 August 2015

Choose a topic biko.

I have been racking my brain on a topic to give this piece but its been unsuccessful so far, it has given me headache more than the post itself. So please do me the honors of giving it a topic for me. Thanks. #winks.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Conquer with prayers always.

A Blessed Sunday to you all. May the peace of this day be showered upon you all and the gates of hell shall not prevail in your lives in Jesus Name. Amen. I'm really thankful for guiding us to the last weekend of August. Isn't God awesome?

Friday, 28 August 2015

Lazy Friday for me.

Its another Friday and the beginning of the weekend, gush, been waiting for this day to come, when I will lean back, sleep in and do movies with my legs up (wake up and go to work cos I work on weekends). But seriously, for you guys who have the weekend to relax and enjoy yourself, do so, life is short.

Thursday, 27 August 2015


Another Thursday of Tantrums, another day to vent it all out, say it all out. Someone pissed you off, made you mad, you want to scream, punch someone, jump down a 5 storey building, jump into the lagoon, etc, please don't do those things, just come in here and tell us everything.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Guest-Post: Please help a porn addict.

Dear Pam, I read your blog, and as sad as it is, a non-commenter. I'm sure a lot of us read and don't comment, please forgive us all.

After reading your post on addictions, I have decided to come out to seek help. Pam, I am addicted to porn. I have been for a very long time and it has caused me my relationship.

I prefer to watch porn and masturbate than have sex with my fiancée. She has actually caught me severally while masturbating in the bathroom just immediately after my two-minute sex with her.

She couldn't take it anymore especially after the last time. It has really affected me alot cos any little time I get is porn time. In the men's room at work, in my car, everywhere. I don't know what to do anymore. I want my girl back. I love her. I want to stop this. Everyone is angry with me because of this act. Pam, it's really bad. Please help me. Thanks.

****Dear Poster, since you are no longer in denial and have accepted you have a problem, it's the first step to recovery. Try to delete and trash anything that links you to porn. Occupy your mind with better and positive things. Make sure you are clean first then prove to your girl you've got it under control. Do not deceive her into believing you've changed when you haven't. Do an overhaul on yourself. ****
Please let us advice our dear brother.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

...Let us praise God.

Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord, and don't forget to praise Him in any situation you find yourself. Happy Sunday to you all and may the beauty and blessings of this day be showered upon us. Amen. I have few things to share with you today, remain blessed as you meditate upon them. God Bless You all.

Saturday, 22 August 2015


We are what we are in the confines of our rooms. When in a gathering and alcohol is served, once a person says he/she doesn't drink, that person is termed a "born again" or spoil-sport. So I normally ask, Is drinking of alcohol a religious thing or a personal thing?

Friday, 21 August 2015

Candy Crush saga.

Hmmm, I've been singing/humming "Santa-clause is coming to town" and "we wish you a merry Christmas" joyfully since today and didn't notice when my colleagues began to stare. I wonder why all these Christmas rhymes in August, or does it mean something else?

Anyways, hope everyone is in glee cos finally Friday has bounced in. Weekend starts after the close of work today, Yippy, for people who ain't working this weekend. Well, I had something else to write but it was stored in my phone, and at the moment my phone is currently busy with candy crush saga.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Tantrum Thursday.

Hiya lovely people of this humble blog. How una dey? Hope the week is going on fine? If do, doxology, (You remember using that too abii.) Lol.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Let's talk superstition.

Many of us must have heard of different superstitions and beliefs over the years. I wonder how many are really true and which one is just to scare us. The Truth is that, superstition has played one role or another in our lives.

As kids, we were made to believe that kicking your left leg/foot meant badluck, and the right foot was your goodluck charm. I did kick my foot this morning, so, am patiently waiting for Prince Charming,(isn't that goodluck?).
Sweeping at night meant doom, you were advised to erase what ever you wrote in the sand at night, lest the spirits not only take away your hand, but your ability to write.

As cultures differs, so do superstitions too. Some cultures believe killing a wall gecko will have you breaking plates often. A crying baby at night was interpreted to mean the child is possessed. How many of us waved at birds and sang "leke leke give me white fingers"? I did. I still haven't gotten the fingers, guess I didn't wave enough.

So let's gist, what are the superstitions you've heard and how has it affected you. Do you believe in superstitions?

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Where do broken hearts go???

I was listening to Whitney Houston's "Where do broken hearts go", and it kept me thinking. Though I can't remember if I've shared this, but I'll share it again.

I couldn't move on for 3years after a heartbreak, couldn't date anyone else. I was a big mess. Part of the reason was that I tried fighting the tears and I kept blaming myself. Though I deleted his contact from all my social handles, I kinda still stalked him on Facebook. Lol.

One of those stalking days, I saw his wedding invitation card, and later on his wedding pictures, then I thought I would die. My dam broke, I cried and cried, but I guess my healing started after that. I'm stronger now cos I didn't die then.

That heartbreak was legendary cos I told myself never to love again or even give love a blink of an eye but who was I kidding, love rules. Love is still the healing balm. Broken hearts don't go anywhere, they are healed by love. God's love, self-love and love from that special someone. That's the way I see it though.

So you see, let it all out. Break that dam early, cry it all out and breath in the relief. Let love heal that broken heart. No one says it's gonna be easy, but the healing will eventually come. Ciao.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Push yourself, don't be limited.

A beautiful Monday to you all my lovely Pamscribers, hope you all are doing great. I want to let you know that you owe it to yourself to be the best you can be, don't you ever see or think yourself as less, you are more.
Yes, ugly things happen in life and you wonder if you ever deserve the best or even worth the best. My dear, just like the picture shows, you are jellof rice. Get it stuck into your brain. You are the best of your kind. Scream it out loud till it's stuck.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Happy Sunday friends.

Another Sunday and the weekend is like a blur, another new "work"  week begins. Most of us went to church to show gratitude, and say "Thank you" God for life. Yes, we are grateful for life, aren't you?

To some of us that didn't go, it doesn't mean we should be less grateful to God. Being alive is a major miracle we often at times take fore granted. A man took his last breath this morning. He is with us no more. How did I know? A friend sent a text message.

To know the value of life, go to our Teaching Hospitals. No matter the amount of antiseptic used, the stench stinks to you. God save us.

So, as we enjoy the last hours of the weekend, and expect a brand new week in a few hours, don't stop being Thankful, Grateful and Expectant, it could have been worse.
Have a blessed new week.

Friday, 14 August 2015

TGIF/ HBD Beautiful BMF

Una well done oo, TGIF again. Hope the week served you real good. I thank God for life so far. I also thank you all for the birthday wishes for my mum. You guys rock. My mum was filled with smiles while reading your comments. You guys almost made her cry, Lol. So, thanks once more.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

No Tantrum... It's my mum's day.

Hiya everyone. I'm so happy, and I'm so not tantruming today joor, reason being that today is a very special day in my life and in the life of someone so important to me. Yes, my existence would have been under probability if not for this special someone.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Give it up or it's over...

Over the past couple of weeks, this topic has been calling out to be written, and so today, it will finally get its wish.

Many people dream of the "perfect wedding", the splendour of the church , as guests and family all stare at them in their suits and immaculate white. Ohhh!! That day would be so perfect.

What many women and men forget is what some of us give up for marriage. A friend of mine was getting married and the hubby gave her an ultimatum, "go off social media or no wedding". Was that fair? A male friend of mine said he's fiancée asked him to stop hanging out with his present friends else, she won't marry him. Was that necessary?
Some are asked to reduce their contact with family too. I don't just understand.

Few years ago, a guy was asking me out and before I even agreed to his proposal, he said I'll have to cut my hair, stop putting on trousers and stop making up permanently. When I asked him why, he said since I'll be his wife I don't need people to admire me anymore cos he has "bought" me. O yea... Well, I'm still rocking all of the above cos I refused to be "bought".

Yes, when you've made a choice to settle down with someone, it's either you live with the person's "all", or you find a way to make them better.

The question here is, must we give up things that are important to us all in the name of marriage? Let's gist.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Greener pastures: There or here?

As I sat in the bus going home from work the other day, my mind played back a conversation I had earlier with a friend. He was of the opinion that he would do "anything" not to be in this country, cos the prevailing economy favors the "made" men. He further said that in America and Europe, in six months to a year, he would have made it big enough to own cars and lands. Really??

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sunday love.

A beautiful Sunday to you all. How have you all been, and to those who went to church, how was service today? May the peace of the Lord be upon us all. Amen.

This is the beginning of a new week, be strong and courageous in anything that comes your way. Yes, the world is full of ups and downs, and to some it has been hell, while to others, it has been heaven. Whichever the case may be, let's all pray that we get elevated to a better place of joy, happiness and peace.

May we all get to our Mount Zion where there is deliverance and holiness and where we shall possess all our possessions. Amen. God bless us all, and do have a lovely week ahead. Cheers.

Friday, 7 August 2015


A happy Friday to you all. I know most of us are happy cos the long awaited Friday is here again, so cheers to the weekend.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Embarrassing Shitty experience.

A beautiful afternoon to thee. Hoping you all are kicking real good. Well, this story below is from my mailbox, hope you find it funny as I did. Enjoy.

Hi Pammie

I am sharing this story so that others can share their own so we can all laugh. When we embarrass ourselves its best for us to laugh at ourselves.

Share my story on your blog so we can laugh.

I have shared this story once but I thought I should share it again. My name is Sandra. I had an embarrassing incident due to running stomach aka purging.

God show me pepper no be small. I too dey form fine babe all the time. I always dey like to dey wear tight skirt and trouser. I like to tease guys as well.

Well on Thursday I was humbled. I chop sweet beans my mama cook last week. I come go work on Thursday. Remember I too dey form fine babe I wear tight skirt today to show off my nyash. All was well when I went to work but on my way back from work I just noticed some rumbling and discomfort in my tummy.

I tried to ignore it but the rumbling got worse. I dey inside staff bus at the time but I just dey sweat. I still dey do fine babe but the purging was getting worse and worse. I couldn't ignore it anymore and had to come down from the bus and flag down an okada to quickly take me back to my place because I knew that if I no reach house soon I go shit for body. The shit be like say na the runny time cos I found it really hard to hold on. Plus na white tight skirt I wear that day. I did not dare mess.

I just dey pray to God make I no embarrass myself for public.

Men I f**ked up big time. I first of all shit small ontop the bike because I just couldn't hold it in again. As I was trying to pay the bike man I pooed again in my white panties. I tried to form like nothing was happening. As I was walking to my gate I released another wave of the soft poo. Infact I was pooing all the way to my gate and my front door. See embarrassment, the bike man was just looking at me. Remember it was a white tight skirt I wore.

Before I reached my toilet I don shit for body finish. Men I doubledare anybody to hold that kind runny shit, no hope.

I was humbled on that day. Fine babe wey shit for pant on top okada. I have since learned not to play with beans again.

Please everyone share your shitty stories lets all laugh.

Thank you.

*Hahahahaha, I just can't stop laughing. Fine babe, shitty pant. Lol. Imagine your crush seeing you in that situation. Hahaha. I'll share mine in d comment section.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Best way to act in a quarrel?

Hello my dearest Pamscribers, how are you all doing today? Hope good. Well, I still thank God for saving me on Saturday, cos whenever I pass that spot, I just look at it and wonder how I didn't land in the gutter. A friend said it's all adrenaline, but I said it's all GOD.

Anyways, today is supposed to be our Guest-Post day but since none came in, the ministry must move on. So this question is for the house, what would you rather prefer happens during the course of a misunderstanding/quarrel with your spouse? Someone who gets angry concerning what you did wrong, and tells you straight on that you just stepped on their wrong foot (no hitting involved), or someone who wouldn't say a thing, walks out on you/bears the grudge of what you did and reminds you or uses it against you later in future?

Surely, there will be quarrels in relationships/marriages, how best would you want your spouse to handle a quarrel? Tell you straight up/trash the issue at once and then kiss and make up, or say nothing and then stump out of the house without resolving the issue that caused the quarrel.

Let me go first, I'll prefer we resolve whatever caused the issue that led to the quarrel at once, settle and then forget it ever happened. I hate silent treatments, it drives me insane. I keep imagining what the other person is thinking at the moment, and most especially I hate when he walks out in-between a quarrel making me worried sick about where he went to. Just stay in and settle whatever misunderstanding you both had, and let sleeping dogs lie.

What's your take on this? Let's gist.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Thankful Sunday!!!

For He shall give His angels charge over you, to guide you in all your ways... 

Happy Sunday to you all, hope you all are doing great this first Sunday. I'm being thankful today for ushering us into this month of August and for what he has done so far in our lives. My dearies, it's  not easy to see January to this moment. Quite alot of people saw the beginning of the year but they ain't with us this day. What am I even saying, a lot of people saw yesterday but they didn't see today, it's not by our power but because of His tender mercies, loving kindness and most especially His GRACE. Thank you Lord. 

I'm thankful for life, for hope of tomorrow, for family and friends, most especially for saving me from an almost tragic Keke accident yesterday evening. Instead of finding myself head first into the gutter, I found myself on the other side. Yes I was injured, but who knew what would have happened had it been I hit my head in the gutter. God forbid. I thank HIM for who HE is and what he has done. 

What are you thankful for??? Let's thank the Lord!!!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Pleasure in hitting???

A happy new month to you all my lovelies, God bless you and yours, and grant all the desires of your heart. Amen.

Few years back, a friends sister happened to be in a relationship where she was constantly beaten black and blue, and despite all the talks to save her dear life, she insisted to tie her gele in the relationship. They are married now and the beating continues into the next level. She miscarried during one of those episodes though.