Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Why do men CHEAT?

Most often than not, issues talked about on this page are women based, today, we turn the tables and talk about the men. 
Couple of weeks ago, a street friend of mine came crying and upon asking what the problem was, she said she caught her husband cheating on her. Now, this isn't new, cases of a partner cheating isn't the news anymore. As she talked and cried in between talking, I wanted to know how the other lady looks like, maybe it was the physical attributes like the "Ukwu" and "bobby" the guy found irresistible. Mind you, my friend here is endowed in the right places and if beauty is a physical thing, she is it. 

To my greatest astonishment, she showed me a picture of the lady (don't ask me how she got it), the lady was "just there", bland if I may say. So why should he cheat on this fine looking lady you promised to love and cherish always and respect your marriage vows, with another lady not so fine looking as your wife, infact my friend here beat the other lady hands down. 

Some of us may be quick to assume the sex factor, I did so too, but she vehemently denied such, saying she has been fulfilling her wifely duties (whatever that means) #winks. When she asked him why he did it, in his defense, his excuse was, guess? The devil. Na the devil go rent room for hotel, abi na the devil commot your trouser? Everything now is now attributed to the devil. The Holy scriptures said, resist the devil and he will flee. So you see, there is something called RESISTANCE.

Read something in a blog days ago about cheating men and all, a guy was trying to defend the male folk, so he kinda was advising the women on what to do to keep their man, things to do at home so that their man won't cheat. But my question is, what if the woman fulfills all these things at home, possesses all these features "front" and "back", can take you to the moon and back with the best sex ever, why then should the guy still CHEAT? Abeg, make una help me out cos this matter don tire me. Guys in the house please don't be mute on this issue, come and give us your take on this matter. #ideylistening.


  1. Whether you fulfil all the things that need to be fulfilled at home or your ikebe is hotter than that of a certain Kardashian sister, a man can still cheat on you.

    Can I say that cheating is deliberate? A man who cheats has everything planned - cheating does not happen by mistake!

  2. A man that wants to cheat will go ahead and cheat no matter how endowed and "good" a sister is. Most of them says its not a sin to cheat so long as they make sure their women doesnt lack anything. smh

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  3. I feel its natural for men to cheat. There was a time I asked a male friend why they cheat on their spouses even when she is as gorgeous as Omotola Jalade. Do u know what he said?
    He said "Varieties is the spice of life" that how wld I feel eating the same type of food every other day? Dat it wld get to a point that d food wl start to nauseate me.
    Can u imagine?Na only God go deliver them

    1. Like the wife too no want varieties, it's do me I do you God no go vex. Kikikikikikik
      Farting away *

  4. Cheating isn't cheating unless when caught. Cheat carefully. #whistlingaway

  5. Someone once told me men have a chaser instinct, they like to chase and over power anything in skirt, I am rilly praying that my God instills fear in le boo, I dn't want anybody to share my sweetheart biko

  6. So pampam you don't know what wifely duties means? Okay... with time one hubby (your hubby o!) go teach you that part of wify wify. Anyway, like the first commenter said, cheating is deliberate and planned.

    Apart for the resistance you mentioned The bible says (make I preach small) in Daniel that Daniel decided in his heart not to defile himself. So a man that has decided not to cheat will not cheat. Why you think say all ladies now want a God fearing man?

  7. Simple.... BECAUSE THEY CAN! When they know they can get away with cheating their 'resolve' (that wasn't so strong in the first place) melts away like butter. If you can do it why shouldn't you right? Sad but true.

  8. **waves and screams** Hiya know the simple answer to this is, 'People cheat because they can'....people think that being married keeps the man/woman in check....Naa it doesn't...not even being married to an amazing, sexy or intelligent woman can prevent you from cheating....there is something called 'self control' like you pointed out....and that is just it...It is sad tho....

  9. They just lack contentment both ways!!!!

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  11. I don't think cheating is a gender thing. It is more of an individual thing. Anyone can cheat and anyone can be faithful. It all borders on self discipline

  12. That's why a man that loves you can cheat in you and a man that doesn't love you can even stay faithful to you.


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