Sunday, 8 March 2015


Fear! Fear!! Fear!!! Breathtaking, chest pounding, blood chilling. With her heart in her mouth, she knew she heard a noise,where it came from, she doesn't know. Trying to clear the cobweb of sleep from her eyes, she  looked at the clock on her bedside table, 3am; and then she heard the same sound again. Grrrr. Hummm, Thud. Now, she knows it wasn't a dream. 

The sound is in here, in her house, and not a figment of her imagination. In one reaction, she stands from the bed, wraps her wrapper tightly to her chest and tentatively, tries to identify where the sound is coming from. By reflex, she makes the sign of the cross and a silent prayer escapes her lips.

Grrrr, that sound again.
Fear!!! Her mouth open to make a sound, yet none comes forth. The sound that woke her up is still out there. Waiting! The urge to be a child and wet herself is strong. The seconds drag into minutes. She sees a flicker of movement at the corner of her eye. A form? Human or animal? She's not sure, but remains silent for fear of being noticed in her hidden place. The pounding of her heart can be heard miles away and she hopes 'it' doesn't hear it. It moves away, no shadow in sight now. Fear takes the driving seat, caution and apprehension pulls her close. She's torn between going out there to see what it is and waiting for the noise to go away. "Where did the shadow go?", she whispered and then...

All Stella knew was that this minute she was peeping through her hiding place and the next, her attacker was on top of her hitting on her with full force. She fought with all her might but he or she or whatever it was had the upper hand.
"How did it enter the house?" She thought while fighting her attacker. Zapp!!! She heard, Oh no! It was her cloth, her wrapper had fallen off on the course of the fight and her attacker just tore her cloth, then it dawned on her on what was about to happen. She fought with the little strength in her, she screamed, she kicked, she pushed and bit him. He screamed, yes it's a "HE", she tried pulling off the mask on his face but then a blow to her face made her feel dizzy. Her attacker was strong, stronger than her little strength could fight. She was weak and couldn't fight anymore.

The last thing she remembered in the dimly lit room was the painful and hard penetration into her vagina, and seeing on the right fore-arm of her attacker a tattooed word  "PRI...", she passed out


  1. Awwwww oh no not RAPE.......omo that was some scary shit. Her heart must have been in her mouth. Very terrible experience

    PRIYE? Lol

  2. hmmmmn.who is this serial rapist ooo.
    watch out for part2.
    fingers crossed

  3. Awww... Say no to rape
    Nice blog u've got

  4. Yeah!! I have read that story, cant remember the name tho...I enjoyed every bit of the story; suspense filled.

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    1. Really? datz nice oo, THE MASK though is a figment of my imagination dear. other parts will follow next sunday so stay glued.

    2. CatWalk With PAT10 March 2015 at 14:27

      Wow! are for real? Looks like a story I have read in the past. nice one though.

  5. Rapist do they still exist!!


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