Monday, 16 March 2015

Pammie's Crib FACE of the WEEK.

Yippy, finally we now have a face of the week after much waiting and waiting, so dear friends I'll like to introduce you to:
Agbara Reginald Ugochukwu who is a native of Abia State and currently the Technical Head of Operations Marshal International Contractors Ltd, where he has been working prior to his graduation. He received his Bachelor of Science in Statistics at Abia State University, Uturu.

Birthday: December 28

Dislikes: Lies and Deceit

Likes: Truth and discipline

Games: Scrabble, Sudoku and Crossword puzzle.

Quote: "Always make the right choice at the right time".

Aspiration: A successful entrepreneur.

So to the single ladies in da house, (whispering,) He's single, I think, but broz if you are not, let us know ooo. I don't want someone to send me a blast via email, telling me my life history and how my blog ladies have snatched her man. So if you are interested just contact me to play cupid. Lol. #runs away. 

Another photo.....

Thank you for being our face of the week Reginald.
Biko, my dearest friends, send in your pictures here cos I want this to be a weekly thing. Thanks dearies and a Happy new week. My email remains,

Please NOTE: If I can, I'll post something else today, if not, do pardon me till tomorrow. This weather is kinda dealing with me and since this blog is about brain work, my brain is doing freewheel cos of headache. I don't claim to be sick. But I'll try my best to do something later shaa. Thanks and kisses to thee.


  1. fine dude... ladies man..

    please read

  2. nice...Ladies hot food on ya plate, grab it now *hehehe

    Please click on my name for Fashion/Fitness/Beauty tips

  3. Hmmmn, what's his blog id, sir we no dey see your comments ooo

    1. Dear Bolatito,

      I have been on this blog right from inception, I do comment and sometimes anonymous, but usually do pen down my name. You can peruse the gamut of this blog and see.

  4. All d single ladies,where u @? Soup don ready oo lol

  5. Wow! This guy is handsome.
    Kudos Pamela

  6. This guy looks sharp. Calling all the single ladies in the house :)


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