Monday, 2 March 2015

Fuel Palava

Is it only me or has the current fuel scarcity hit you too? My dearies, nawaoo. I woke up days ago and noticed that a few of the filling stations near my house were open but weren't selling fuel. I thought nothing of it until I went to get small fuel to service my "I pass my neigbour" generator. Hmmm, the queue that greeted me was more than the ones at the BRT stands, fear catch me.

I waited patiently for my turn though, but before I knew it they sealed the service station and told us to go home that "school was over". The heat wey catch me that night pass furnace heat ooo. Since that day, I now carry my fuel galon with me anywhere in Lagos in search of fuel. Even if it's a 10 minutes walk, I'll carry my galon, infact I'm kinda married to it oo. I need fuel now more than food (abeg I dey chop oo, I no wan faint).

Imagine how we cry for fuel, all thanks to PHCN. Generator has now become the main source of electricity instead of Phcn, do you see the irony here? PHCN, all these things you are doing, God is watching you, Diaris God oo. But plss what's the main cause of this fuel scarcity? I read somewhere that there are rumours of fuel prize reduction to #65 per litre so the fuel stations don't want to run at a loss, that's why they don't want to re-stock. I don't know how authentic the story is though, abeg who dey suffer here with me?

 Let's chat biko. Abeg make una no vex say today's post dey come late. So many things is the causer of it. Thanks dearies.


  1. Lolzzz...Over here In owerri where I school we have light almost 24hrs..its called Federal light.. even if they take it within 5mins dem don bring am back!!!!!!Na him I say I must marry for here ooo tho my family stays in Lagos!!!Lag is too hectic abeg.


    1. Babe, you guyz are so lucky over there oo. Chai! We are really suffering down here, no light, no fuel, can't charge my fone or anytin, part of why I bloged late. Its well ooo.

  2. If I tell you how much we spend on fuel eehn, if you noticed I stop blogging in the afternoon . infact to work from home is tiring, heat is a no go area. We can hardly boast of 3 hrs power supply, it is terrible. I subscribed 24/7 for my swift 4g Internet service but what's the essence of Internet without light.i had to change plans (i yam not linda Ikeji yet,lolz) Abeg it's annoying.
    Thank God hubby bought 25 jerry can of fuel yesterday na to dey steal Gen for afternoon well,if I dey house be that,hahahaha

  3. Thank God for inverter

    Na to enjoy AC for office and thank God for breeze@night.

    It was just this morning I got to know about the fuel ish oooo....its just so terrible....


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