Saturday, 28 March 2015

D- day!!!

Today has finally come. A day Nigeria stands still ( no waka anyhow) and Nigerians go to the poll to elect a new or re-elect a president that will rule us for the next four years. Hope you guys did go to do your civic duties? Don't ask what I did.(Hahaha).

Anyway, news reaching seems to have it that all is good. A bomb in Enugu, hope everyone is ok. In most places, the card readers aint working, and also heard that INEC database was hacked. Please who else saw this coming? What's happening in your part of the world? Can't wait for this election to be over and things go back to the way it was like months ago.

Enough of the propaganda, enough of the needless documentary instead of my favorite televista, enough of the jingles that would feed a hundred people being played over and over again till it becomes a nuisance and causes noise pollution. In all these electioneering and campaign and adverts, it's the radio stations and TV stations that's profiting more (Best time to working a media house).

If an hour of a sponsored programme on AIT is 5million, and the same programme has been running for the past weeks, please help me do the maths? In a way, am surprised about the PDP's campaigns, last Jonathan's presidential campaign last four years ago wasn't this fierce and propagandish. A good product sells itself abi. Indomie dey advertise, but na garri sell pass am, abi I lie?

Now, we are free of any presidential campaign. We have to endure another weeks before the governorship and senatorial. Hope light go dey make I hear the results in real time. Infact, with the way light has been today, I'm kinda imagining that I'm in the U.S of A, Lolz. Please remember, no violence ooo. Use your thumb, not your fist. Lera .


  1. Hope it all ends well, have a nice weekend!

  2. It is well with Nigeria

  3. Infact, I think say nepa make mistake, we have un interrupted power supply since morning. First time the whole house is getting cold.

  4. No light all thru but as I am pvc-less, I washed all the washables, cleaned all the cleanable and pinged like the world is coming to an end

    I really enjoyed my day with election updates online......

    I pray it all ends well!!!!

  5. I cast my vote ooo. It wasn't easy but I survived. My legs are still tired from home by 6 pm yesterday, if you'd asked me my name right then, I'd not have known it - I was that out-of-my-mind tired.


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