Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Politicking in Naija.

As much as I hate politics and what it stands for in Nigeria, I certainly do love my country. Over the past months, prior to the cancellation of the February 14th elections, I have been a keen "siddon look-er" of the political drama that unfolds every day on every media platform known to man. Mind you, yours truly isn't a card waving member of any political party, unless you call me SLP (siddon look party), I observe the candidates and not the party, then I go for someone I feel will perform better.

Please has anybody aside myself ever considered other political party's candidates especially in the Presidential race? I kinda chipped into a discuss with my colleagues and asked, 'what if another candidate wins aside the top two presidential candidates'. Hmmm, I was almost eaten alive after that statement. Can you imagine? What if the best for Nigeria is hidden in one of those parties? Who knows.

I try as much as possible to avoid discussions and debates on who will be the next governor or president. If I could speak for the millions of people in this great country, any man who will provide us with jobs, better housing, less corruption(corruption has come to stay, can't be wiped out), infrastructures, better amenities, hope for the future, security, will have my vote anytime, anyday. 

I hear, see and feel hate everywhere. What are the issues? Those that are going for a second term, do you think you did enough the first term to require a second? A good product sells itself. Noodles dey advertise, na garri sell pass am.

What you promised us in your last campaigns, have you done or implemented them? Last I checked, this was a democratic dispensation, why hold Nigerians hostage pending a second term of re-election to implement them, and if you lose nko? Billions of tax payers money and time gone down the drain?

And for those going for the first time, are you dishing us with the same promises we have heard so long its sounding like a mantra? There are lots of propaganda based issues flying around. Are we voting on the basis of these? When will we rise above sentiments of hate and religion and for once, do what is right. I'm tired of the mudslinging and counter-mudslinging. 

We are tired of hearing all the fake promises of creating a better heaven, for once, go in there and perform. Tell us what you will do when you get there and how you will do it, and if you don't do it, tell us what we should do to you as punishment. We the masses should be able to hold these politicians to their words too. Accountability matters, come explain yourself. Tell us how the jobs will be created not telling us you will give and create jobs, from where? You be God that made all from nothing?  I tire ooo. Till the 28th, I await.

NOTE: Tomorrow is TANTRUM THURSDAY, so bring all you got here. Pour them all out, all those anger, resentments and pain that is eating you up. Don't keep it all buried in, get it all out and feel the relieve that follows. Yes, there isn't any promise of change yet but there is indeed a HOPE for a better tomorrow.


  1. Na true ooooo. Till we learn to hold our leaders accountable n practice true democracy,we will always lag behind. Meanwhile,we watch n wait.

  2. we are hoping and waiting for them politicians.if they will make do their promises.
    make i siddon look like Pam

  3. Politics!!! This is a game I hated most with passion. But today I am abreast with things that is happening.

    The major problem lies on the masses, the voters cos they misuse their power. The picture above explains it better,

    How can got support lion to rule, will the lion keep his promise and go hungry? let someone answer the question.... Agbara Reg


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