Monday, 23 March 2015

Political Freebies.

Have you gotten your bag of rice yet? 
Sorry I had to start this post with such a question, I just had to. Over the past weeks and months, political parties have been wooing the electorates (like me and you) with gifts of rice, vegetable oil (ororo) etc. As much as I'm neutral when it comes to political matters, who said I'm not entitled to freebies? Last I checked, private citizens too have joined in the sharing of such largesse. 

I saw some branded bags of rice the other day in a friend's place with the political party's logo and the sponsor clearly emblazoned on the rice. His reply when asked if he will vote the candidate was "the rice is a gift, my vote isn't" ( Hahahahaha). 

As much as we dread elections in this country because of the tension and apprehension it brings, but the pain we feel deep inside us is greater, especially when we see our elected civil servants who prior to the elections never bothered to know how we fared or see and listen to our plights, instead they were busy globe trotting and smiling to the bank every week and month as we toil (Monkey dey work, Baboon dey chop). Now they are back again with their freebies and fake promises. Mtchwww (roles eyes).

Abuja has become a residence for  them. God is watching you all in 3D. Yes, some of us will collect the monies and gifts and rice ( the African tradition forbids rejecting gifts), but, we will vote OUR choice, OUR heart and OUR conscience. Like in the famous troy story "I fear the Greeks when they bear gifts". 
So, if you haven't gotten your share of the National cake (or rice) as the case may be, grab your bag now (if you like), or you will have to wait another four years for it. #runsaway. Lolz.


  1. Please where are they sharing, make I go collect, I no get rice for house again. The money can be used for another thing.
    *farting away *

  2. Lol @ bolatito.
    Politics is way different in our side of the globe.

  3. I agree with Bolatito fa, incase you know where they are sharing these bags of rice,pls don't hesitate to let us know cos I care

  4. They no share reach my side oh

  5. Me never see collect ooo or how do I vote for my candidate now?lolz

    Am sure they will still share something on election day

  6. Lozzz...dis one na stomach infrastructure now, plenty of it dey my ouse ranging from indomie to kerosene in all things #vote your values# like the post I wrote.


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