Friday, 6 March 2015

It's our 2nd month. Yippy!

Helloo friends, you know what today is? Wait for it (drum rolls), it's our 2nd month anniversary, Yippy! Remember I told you guyz that I'm an anniversary freak, so here we are today again. Isn't it awesome that what started just yesterday is now 2 months old. Wow! All glory be to God. Its still not easy but it has so far been a blast; wonderful pageviews, sweet, the comments though have been nice too but my friends, your comments encourage me to do more, (whispering) they turn me ON, Lol.So Pammie's Crib wants more comments, slap her with your opinions/comments front, back and centre, Lol. Yesoo, we need it. So far, you all have been awesome and I LOVE you ALL, no cheating. In the spirit of this new month, I'm introducing new additions on Pammie's Crib. There will be:
TANTRUM Thursdays, here you are allowed to throw tantrums on how annoying your week has been. I noticed that a lot of people are depressed and keeping it all locked in there heightens the depression, so come in here on Thursdays and throw bricks to the wall on whatever bothers you.

 Also, GUESTPOST Tuesday, here I'll feature post of our dear readers concerning issues they want to seek advice on, or even gossip.

STORY Sunday, I have few stories I'll love to share with you all, so stay glued and don't forget to drop your comments. #Winks. The face of Pammie's Crib remains open to be occupied, my face is still chilling there oo, biko someone should come and take over. Any other new additions will be communicated to you later.
Anywayz, today is Friday and TGIF, so much rest and shayo levels. Please don't overdo yourself this weekend, remember that Monday is still around the corner. Have a blissful weekend my dearies. Love you like kilodee. Happy 2nd month anniversary to us all. Muahhh.


  1. Happy Anniversary Pam...bigger you I pray Hun.

  2. Happi anniversary pambebe... accept mi congratulations.

  3. Happy Anniversary fruitful years to come

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  4. Congrats babe

    it will get better

  5. Yippeeee congrats dear.and more traffic

  6. Naijasinglegirl10 March 2015 at 08:05

    Congrats Pam


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