Saturday, 14 March 2015

Saturday "OWAMBE".

Every Saturday, lots of ladies (Including guys) are ready to hit one wedding or another. Decked and regaled in the latest fashion. As for me, I'm not a wedding person, can count on one hand how many weddings I have attended. Mum don shout tire, "Ugochi, learn to attend people's weddings so that they will attend yours too". So does it mean if I don't go to their weddings then they wont attend mine? Hmmmm, I wonder the crowd I will need to hire for my wedding (lol). 
As I was said (#winks), we ladies are a special brand. We go to weddings for various and often, funny reasons. Check out this conversation:
Anita: Babe, a friend invited me for a wedding this weekend ooo, make we show jare. Wetin we dey do for house sef?  
Jane: Abi nah, make we commot go catch fun, who knows, we fit jam maga (both grins).

Please help me, Are weddings now the new hip joints to catch fun? True, lots of matchmaking are done in weddings, so are lots of teary eyed, second best, dumped gals and guys there too. Lol. 
I read today about a guy that dated a lady for 11 years and then dumped her just a day to his wedding to another lady. Ouch!!! 
Heard of another guy that dated a gal for seven years and wen he was ready to marry her, his mum was against it, he ended up marrying another lady (a close friend to the lady). Hmmmm, I comment my reserve (I'll talk about this issue some other time). 

Despite all these though, good things come out from weddings. A friend of mine actually met her mother in law who then introduced her to her husband (now), in a wedding. The irony was that, her boyfriend broke up with her on that day and instead of being moody and crying her eyes out at home, she chose to attend that wedding, and luck shone on her face cos that was where she met future mother in law (now mother in law).  

So for those of you going or in a wedding ceremony now, have fun and watch out for which category you will find, who knows, Mr/Miss Right might be side-eyeing you there. So remember to look good, and ladies please don't fall on your heels, Lolz. 
NOTE: Do not miss the JOLLOF rice, I repeat, do not miss the JOLLOF rice. If you don't see Jollof rice, WHITE rice is a good substitute, and if that is not available, manage to chop EBA. Let your presence not be in vain, and ladies please DO NOT tie your GELE like that sister in that picture, may turn your prospective suitor off biko. I have said my own.
Love you all and have a beautiful day.


  1. what about fried rice nah?i hardly get wedding invites,is it because all my friends are now married?

  2. I just remembered something, those days in school was fun co we go there to eat food - rice (jellof or fried) and chicken.

    But nowadays, it is a different thing altogether, girls mainly go there for pay backs and match making and to showcase themselves. lolz. Men also is on the look out for something.

    Sometimes we go there to learn how the whole process takes place.... Agbara Reg..

  3. Pamela, na so we see am oooo. I dey wait for my own saturday.

  4. Weddings are always interesting noni. You will sha see something to talk about. I love traditional weddings though, they are more interesting to me.

    Whether you attend people's wedding or not, people will still attend yours!!!!!

  5. Omg that gele eh - either some people do not have a mirror at home or they want to assert their individuality.

    Nne, I really love weddings ooooo - food, music, outfits, etc. meeting a potential man at a wedding is definitely not for me - I've met some many people and if it were for me I would have gotten married ages ago - that is not to say that it is for some people.

    I will have to agree with Chinco bee - people will still attend mine if I don't attend theirs.

    Nne, your blog set sweet me o and I promise to be a regular visitor. Take care and have a beautiful evening

    1. Thanks darl for stopping by. Kip visiting cos the best are still ahead. E-hugs to you.


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