Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My KAI experience

See me see wahala today ooo, I was in a hurry cos I was late for work, didn't want to use the pedestrian bridge, so I decided to take the easiest way by crossing the road. Halfway through, a plain colored KAI official caught me and said I'll have to go to their station with him.
I ran, didn't even think about it, then he started chasing me with a few of his colleagues, they were faster and caught up with me, handcuffed me, and dragged me towards the black maria, while I was crying at my stupidity and where I'll get 25k from

                        APRIL FOOL. Lolz. I hope I fooled you shaa. Abeg if I didn't, manage am like that. Lolz

Anywayz here is the real gist. Two years ago I had a job interview at Ojuelegba and I was so late. Had just 30minutes to get to the company. I rushed to Ojota bustop but didn't want to use the pedestrian bridge.  I know it's for safety but with my calculations, it would be longer. So instead I took the shorter route which was the express. I had already crossed the road and was already close to where I'll buy the BRT bus ticket, that's were d KAI guy nabbed me.

"Madam you have to come with me" he said.

Chai! I don enter. Knowing what was at stake, I began to beg. I don't think I've ever begged anybody the way I begged that man as I followed him to the black-maria vehicle. I even started crying.

"Sir please I don't have 25k, I lost my job and going for an interview now. Please don't let me loose this golden opportunity. Ejoo sir". What won't we say when trying to get out of a tight corner.
All my plea seemed like it was getting into deaf ears, but I didn't stop oo.

Later the man stopped and asked what I'll do to save myself. I was almost late for the interview, and had only 1,500 Naira on me. Told him what I had, he said I should give him all.

"Haba oga, that's not fair. How then will I get to my destination?"
I begged him and he told me to slip the 1k into his hand as if I'm shaking him. After I did that, the yeye man asked me to give him my number. Can you imagine that? After wickedly collecting more than half of the money I had on me, he was asking for my number. This man must be really high on the gum he was chewing. But since I was already in trouble and was avoiding further trouble, I gave him a fake number and hastily walked away before he tried the number. Na him sabi.

So you see, I wanted the fastest way and ended up loosing my hard earned 1k, Lolz, and even spent more time begging him than the time I would have used to climb the bridge and down. Wasn't a smart move at all neither was it a safer move. So use the pedestrian bridge, be safe.

Biko, do you have similar experiences? Share with us. #winks.
Congrats to our new president. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. May the best be given to us in his service. Amen.


  1. U got me the first time ,chai!
    I have had that similar experience at Ojota bus stop. But why are they always at Ojota? Dem use that place swear for them ni?
    I was working at Opebi then and resumption time was 8am, I alighted from the bus that was conveying me from Oshodi to Ojota
    I was running late that fateful day,didn't even look ahead,I crossed the first lane successfully,I was about crossing the second lane when one of them arrested me oo. See begging
    I begged him to have mercy on me that I did what I did because I was running late. He seized my work ID
    To cut the long story short,he allowed me to go
    Since then, nobody dey tell my legs to go where pedestrian bridge dey when there is need for one

  2. I sensed right off that it was an April fool trick. It's hard to fool this smart bebe. I don't prank anyone and no one pranks me too. Na so I see am o.

    Truly may the best be given to us in his service, we don try for naija, when we no be Job for bible!

  3. Hahahahaahahah you got me Pam - congrats Buhari

  4. you really got me, am glad it was a joke sha.

  5. Nice try...almost fell for it!

  6. You got me cos I can relate well with it just that I haven't been a victim before cos I hate crossing the highway. I so much love pedestrian bridge

    That guy is a shameless thief .He just didn't believe you don't have another money on you. Sebi you sef be naija babe? We all know as e dey go!!! Lolz

  7. Pam I made a comment on this post, where is it?Kai, you don use my comment for April fool, Ohk

  8. Chai! Bola I no see am oo. Maybe google don use am do April fool 4 all of us. Nawa. No vex my dear.


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