Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Does age matter?

I love this.

The first time I learnt about a wife older than her husband, I was marveled and couldn't believe it. That was many years ago back in the east.

Then I started hearing about some couples who their wives were older than the men, so an argument ensued on whether it was healthy and advisable.

Some people said there's nothing wrong with it, being that age is just a number. While some others said it isn't wise cos the woman may end up being dominating and disrespectful.

My opinion : I feel there is nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, I know of a few couples who their wives are older and the homes are so peaceful. Yes, most guys prefer being with women they are older than for reasons best known to them. So does the ladies want guys older than them too, but may end up with a younger guy. Remember, one can't control matters of the heart.

So for whatsoever reasons of yours, I still believe that age is nothing but a number. Don't feel cos she's older, or he's younger and let go of something beautiful you both have. Relationships and marriages survive so many things, so what is age that it can't survive?

Well, every aboki to his kettle. So many people will disagree with me on this, but it's my opinion though.
Cheers guys.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Gracious God!!!

Happy Sunday to you all God bless you all. Do have a testimony filled week ahead.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Thursday Tantrum.

The sun today is not for  kids at all oh. Choi! God biko bless me with a car this year,  Amen.

It's tantrum Thursday again, and yes, this time I get am for tantrum.

First of all, I heard that naira is now 300 against a dollar? Chisos!!! God help us in this country biko cos the price of things will be high shaa. Nawa.

Our transformer don blow oh, biko Nepa come and do something na, we are begging you. Life without light isn't funny, no water, the heat is too much. Chai.

Abeg, let me stop here.
Your turn...

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Let's talk...

Hello beloved Pamscribers, how are you all doing? Well, it's been a couple of days now that I've been off line, hope you all are doing great shaa? Thank God.

So I was discussing with a friend and a question came up, I answered it in my own way, but I want to bring it in here so we'll share our answers too. Here goes:

Scenario : You have fallen in love with a guy, and you guys connect on a soul level.. You are both for each other, no doubt.. Then when the time comes, your family seems to want to become an issue/ they kick against your union, what do you do? How do you handle it?

Let's gist...

Sunday, 10 January 2016

God works in mysterious ways.

Most of us don't take heed to the little things God has put in place for us. We just expect to see big miracles at once, while not taking note of the little crumbs of beautiful things he has done for us.

We may not know the evil he has averted from our paths, but at that moment we just grumble. Let me give you an instance.

Years back, I boarded a bus from Lagos to Anambra state, but half way our bus broke down. We grumbled and spent a lot of time trying to fix the bus but to no avail. Then luckily a luxurious bus came over, and we boarded. Yes, we got to Onitsha very late, but we were told a serious robbery underwent and people were shot. God saved us, cos if our bus hadn't broken down, we would have been affected, who knows.

So you see, God works in mysterious ways, even when we don't know it. We even grumble, without even knowing He is fighting our battles for us.

God is always way ahead of us, and He will surely do what he said he would do.

Stay blessed and grateful. Happy Sunday to you all.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Self-love and Self-worth!!!

In the early hours of today, I came across a message from Tyrese (an American actor) on Facebook, and his words spoke to me.  Though it was a video, but I'll like to share the key points with you all.

If you allow your self worth to be based on what people think of you, it's the beginning of the end. Self love is the cure to self hate. Nothing makes you more beautiful than the belief that you are beautiful.

Always love and believe in yourself, so even if people stop loving and believing in you, it won't stop you from loving and believing yourself less.

"The day that you allow the opinion of the outside world to dictate the way you feel about yourself, is the beginning of the end of you living a less loving and secured life."

Your self worth is determined by you. You don't have to depend on someone telling you who you are. Love yourself even when the world stops loving, so whatever nasty and mean trash they throw at you, won't affect you one bit cos you've grown above those thorns.

Most people don't actually know their self worth, which makes them vulnerable to people's opinions concerning them.

Never rely on anyone to make you feel better or worse. Do not allow their opinions have a say in your life cos by the time you let their opinions matter, you'll always rely on them to put a definition to your personality.

Love yourself independently, irrespective of what people think, say or feel. Its a matter of knowing yourself more and doing that which you feel gives you true satisfaction. Remember, people will always hate whether good or bad.

Nobody will make you feel more amazing than the way you are supposed to feel all by yourself.

Never rely on anybody to fulfill your heart. And always remember, Self love is the cure to self hate. Also note that Jesus Christ is also involved in the process of self love. Know Him, and know peace.

#self love is the cure to self hate.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Enjoy the laffs biko.

I shalln't shy oh. Shyn't you?
Rich people sef
Who can relate?
But Bros why??? Lolz

Happy Friday to you all. Abeg, do enjoy the above cos I haven't stopped laughing yet.
#leavetrashforlawma inugo.

Do have a blessed weekend. Love you all.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Tantrum Thursday!!!


First of all,  I'll like to say a very big THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for your best wishes towards this blog. You guyz are the best. Thank you once again and God bless you.

So, today is the first Tantrum Thursday for 2016, so you are all welcome.

To the newbies in the house, Tantrum Thursday is a day we all come in here to vent out our hearts concerning issues that angered and drove us to the wall this week. So, instead of going out there to break someone's head, just come in here and type it all out. Lolz.

I've got no tantrum yet, aside all the orishirishi that I had during the festive period has come back to bite me. Infact, I think I'm loosing weight due to the constant visit to the loo. Time to flush them all out, right?

Your turn. Vent it out here, no go break person head abeg, cos I didn't dey oh. Lol.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Pammie's Crib is one!!!

Thank you.
The kiss is back and will be for a very long time. Lolz.
Pammie's Crib is one.

Whoop Whoop!!! Hi my lovelies, I'm really so excited today cos today Pammie's Crib is one. O yes, you heard right. It's been a year now and I really can't believe it.

About a year ago, Pammie's Crib was born,  and I just went along with it. Most times along the line, I thought about giving up, I still do though, to confess. But so far so good, Pammie's Crib has been up.

I'm thankful to God and to you all who have been supportive. Cos without you all reading this, hmmmm, I for no know wetin go happen. I could have stopped since. But here you all are, reading my jargon and gbaguan, believe me I know that there has been a lot of blunders but you all have been patient enough to read it.

So, this is to you Jummy, BMF, Chico bee, Carina, and so many unmentioned names, I love you all. Awesome people, God bless you all.

Most especially, I thank God for being God. Marvelous father, I give you thanks. Imela Okaka Baba.

Happy one year blogiversary Pammie's Crib. God bless you.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Let's rub minds.

Few days ago, I and my colleague's were discussing about davido's ish with his baby mama, and then we went general. Now the question was, in a case where the baby papa initially denied the pregnancy, is it wise for him to come claim the child after birth? I bluntly refused on that, which later gave rise to different stories.

I don't want to waste your time with all the stories shared, but the conclusion we gave was that, it still lies on the child to choose the parent he/she wants to be with at the long run, that's in the case when the child has become an adult.

Infact I need to share two different stories, so you'll understand this better. Please be patient.

In a first case, a man impregnated a gal in their teens and later denied it. Then after 22 years, he came back to get his child either by hook or crook, even involved the police on it and claimed kidnap. But the child here, after hearing how her father denied her mum even in front of village Chiefs still insisted to know and meet her dad. And she did. Now, father and daughter are in good relationship despite all that happened in the past.

The second case, same thing happened but the man here after 32 years of not being able to get a male child, he remembered the gal he impregnated and sought for her. Now, the man's son was a carbon copy of him, Infact, he was staring at a younger version of himself. The son on the other hand knowing fully well that he was staring at his real dad,  bluntly refused and claimed that his father was dead (his step father was indeed dead).

Now, looking at both scenarios, who do you think has the right to fight for their child? Let's gist.

N/B: Pammie's Crib will be 1 year tomorrow. Come around to wish her a happy one year blogverssary.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

First Thanksgiving Sunday of 2016.

God has been so good to me and mine. Glorious God he is.

Praise the Lord somebody!!! The Lord is good, all the time. He has been so good to us. Yes, today is the first Sunday of the year 2016, and also Thanksgiving Sunday.

Yes, giving thanks to God shouldn't be when the going is good alone. The psalmist said, "I will praise the Lord at all times". This simple means that both in sickness and in health, in every situation we find ourselves we shouldn't stop giving thanks. Oh, yes, Him and Him alone deserves all our praise and thanks.

Happy first/Thanksgiving Sunday to you all, and the Lord that made it possible to see this first Sunday of 2016, will make us see that of 2017 and many more years to come.

Remember, every good thing of the Lord unto us shall be double double. Praise be to the Lord our saviour.

A blessed and a glorious week ahead to us all.

Saturday, 2 January 2016


This new year, What do we really want? A wife, husband, car, family, a job, money etc. Most often than not, we do get what we want, although sometimes they don't come how we want them or when we want them. But when we do get what we "really" wanted, do we stop yearning for more? No. (Hope I made sense).

We are insatiable, always wanting more. You pray for a job, any job to make a living and pay bills, and God answers, next thing you know, you want more. Who doesn't want a better life, right?

Many of us, during this past yuletide, had too many drinks, food or whatever it was. Despite the swelling tummy, that piece of chicken still calls out, and you answered the call, you tell yourself you just wanna "taste for salt" in it. True or false.

What about the ice chilled bottle that just makes your mouth water. Which you've already said a silent promise that after this drink, no more, but you find yourself drowning in another, forgetting the promise you made.

Are we really content with what we have? If history is anything to go by, explorers and conquerers were always on the lookout for a new site to explore, a new world to conquer. When is money ever enough? When is enough ever enough?

As this year is birthed, like a baby, its still young (barely two days), let's start now to prepare for the rest of the year. Let's cut our coats to our sizes, let's be content. Let envy, greed, rancour and all other vices go, and embrace love, trust, contentment and watch ourselves grow. Also, waiting upon the Lord to lead us to our greener pastures.

Do have a glorious weekend. Happy new year once again. It's sure gonna be a great year, I can feel it. Cheers.

Friday, 1 January 2016

It's 2016. Welcome baby!!!

What shall I say unto the Lord, all I have to say is Thank you Lord. Baba God thank you for 2016. I am overjoyed. The Lord is so good. If my body is filled with mouth, it isn't enough to give Him praise. Aah dalu Sir.

Happy New Year and Welcome dear Pamscribers to 2016. Our Year of double greatness, favor, goodness, double promotions, double opportunities, double GRACE, double Blessings, double awesomeness, and double anointing. Infact, everything na double double. Thank You Jesus.

Aah, 2015 was OK, but 2016 will be more than great. So cheers to the new year my lovelies.

Singing... I'm acknowledging you for who You are, for what You've done, in my life.... Dansaki re BABA...

Ouch, I thought I posted this since 12am but alas, it's still in my draft. New-year joke I guess. Lolz.