Tuesday, 10 March 2015

GUEST POST: Please advice.

Dear Pamela, as much as am not an avid reader nor a constant commentor on ur blog, I have to admire your work, keep it up. Kindly publish this post cos I am a bit confused at the moment.

My name is Tina, am in my late 20's and am really in love with this guy am dating. We have been dating steady for the past eight months without incident, I have met his parents and he has met mine. I think he is The One.

My problem started two weeks ago, I noticed that he has started getting comfy with an ex he told me about. She has been calling him like crazy and the chats are worse. I stumbled on his chat with her and saw her begging to come back. Instead of an outright NO, he was dilly dallying . Yes, I snooped cos I was beginning to feel insecure. Should I confront him or wait to see what happens?

**** My dearie, as much as I prefer confrontation straight ahead, I wouldn't know if other people do too. Nonetheless, lay low for like a week or so, watch him closely to notice anything irregular and unbecoming, then you can confront him. If you can't wait, then ask him politely what's going on with his ex. Goodluck dear.**** Biko bv's, let's advice her better. Cheers.


  1. Please confront him before its too late. It is better you know where you stand in the relationship.... All the best

  2. I rilly dn't believe in snooping but since d deed is done, communication is the soul of any relationship, do talk to him abt it but in a polite manner, we ladies have d power to always get what we want, but most of us dn't knw hw to use it, talk to him abt it nd let him knw hw u feel. All d best

  3. Hiya dear... I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Visit my blog for details. Cheers

  4. Hmmm...The best thing is to approach him.. but be calm about the situation tho its not easy..Sometimes its better not to snoop..u may get disappointed.

  5. Best thing for her to do is confront him ASAP. Before it becomes too late.atleast you can easily disconnect the chord now before the love sneaks in again.

  6. Tean Snoop!!!!

    Confront him atleast to know wsp. It's just 2weeks left so you need all you can to save your relationship!

  7. Confront him.the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.snooping around is pointless.

  8. Dear Tina,

    Please take it easy "all that glitters are not gold."
    "A word is enough for the wise"
    Talk with him about it and see how how reacts. Do not push it so hard or you may loose it. "Strict parents gets sneaky kids".
    Agbara Reginald


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