Monday, 16 March 2015

CONDUCTOR, give me my CHANGE !!!

OK, let's talk about Naija conductors especially these conductors in Lagos, their own is too much joor. I don tire for their matter. 

I began the day like every normal day, entered a bus like every Lagosian without a car, which yours truly is among (not for long In Jesus Name, Amen.) I boarded a bus plying my route to work and paid for my fare with a thousand Naira. Asked for my change, like a lady once said we should ask our conductors for our change, Lol. The conductor said I should wait that he doesn't have yet, I shouted and still waited.
I got to my bus stop and alighted. Got to my office and as I was rummaging for something in my purse. Then it hit me, I forgot my change. Chai!! E pain me oo no be small, 900 Naira change just went down the drain like that. I know some of you will be thinking why I gave him such a huge amount for a small fare, see, anytime I'm with such a bigger denomination, I do ask the conductor before I board the bus if he has enough change cos I don't want someone to cuss me and my generation out.

I know am crying over spilled milk and it's nothing new everywhere, but what if I didn't have any other money on me? Do conductors purposely hoard our change hoping we forget it? Chai!! This hasn't happened to me before cos I usually shout till my change is given to me, maybe it was the headache that caused it. I dey get sharp mouth for bus oo, we Igbo babes no dey play with money abeg, #winks. But this lack of change issue is getting too much joor. In supermarkets, fuel stations, and buses, we all hear the same "Madam/Sir, I no get change yet, wait". 

Isn't the CBN making enough smaller denominations to go round? I don vex finish joor, but please incase you see that conductor, biko, demand my change from him. He is dark in complexion with a tribal mark abi na wound mark on his right cheek, putting on an "it was white" torn singlet, and a brown jean. Ehmm, his armpit hair is overgrown, you can even plait Ghana-weaving with it. Biko, collect the change on my behalf cos times are hard. Thank you. Lol.
Do you have any experience? Do share with us in the comment section.
How was your weekend? Welcome to a new and Blessed week my lovelies.


  1. Lmao@ "you can even plait ghana weaving with it"
    These conductors do what they do on purpose and that is for one to forget to collect one's change from them.
    Some do have this change and claim not to have change in order for you to forget to collect it.
    I don't remember forgetting my change with them before. What I do is that once he tells me that he doesn't have change,I will hold my purse in my hands till I get to my destination. By so doing,am sure to collect my change from him when am about to alight. Shikena

  2. Ahahahahah I remember those days I used to go for jamb lesson@palmgroove and I hear adults shout on conductor for their change even before they give him money so I always wonder why they scream so much that the conductor would have given them if he has na but eversince it happened to me, I now understood better. Some of them would even have change but they would want you to forget it with them. That thing can be painful chei

    Me sef dey carry change about like pepper seller cos I no fit make noise at all and even if I don't have, I always tell them before boarding.

    Pele ooo but this your description no be here ooo hehehehe we have plenty of them going by that description na!

  3. Seems every conductor in made to learn to do that. Can't count with both hands how many times I have forgotten to get my change from them. Kpele.

  4. Na so we see am o, they are forever blessing you with the 'lovely scent' wafting out from their armpits , clothes & mouth. The spray of saliva when you are unfortunate and they get into an argument with a passenger nko? One can write enough tales to fill a book from public transport experiences. Na to find the humour in every experience & laugh, abi how we go do? Hehehe.

  5. This has taken me down the memory lane. It was in 2007, when I went to write post Jamb at FUTO, Owerri. The day I was going, I only had N500 which I borrowed cos we were robbed. On the to Owerri town, I gave conductor the N500, to balance me N460. Unfortunately I dropped without collecting the change. I enter ITC park to board a bus having asked for ticket, I started searching for money. I gave the man the ticket back.

    One day I coming to the east from Lagos, I took a bus from Lekki round about, mennnn, see shouting and hallarring, I had to bend down cos it was a mixture of english and yoruba.

    Most of this conductors use this as an avenue to take peoples money. So peeps, always be careful.

  6. One of them wanted me to forget my change, and I saw it vividly he had change. I boarded a bus to obalende when we got to 3mb I asked with my English accent , "conductor give me my balance,"he said sister duroo joo ko si change, yet he was giving others change, 2nd time conductor gimme my change nah,now we were plying Adeniji Adele road, wait.when we were about descending obalende bridge, in my Yoruba voice, I shouted, kilo worry Bobo yi funmi change me. Everyone in the bus bursted in laughter, he said do Omo Yoruba ni yi u come dey speak like oyinbo,Oya take your change joor.hahah.
    Imagine,he purposely delayed my change. Thank God for my Agbero voice.

    How are your doing? Hope you getting better

  7. Hahahahahahaahahha you are so funny but I can feel your pain dear - if he has lots of armpit hair, he must smell like garbage ( I can't stand armpit hair). I don't think he forgot to give you your change - he just kept him for himself. Others might label him an animal with no conscience but na condition wey make crayfish bend - still, there's no justification. Nne biko next time demand your change before you pay o. Kpele!


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