Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Boarding School Experience.

Most of us were priviledged to attend boarding schools for our secondary learning experience, we left family and friends, to an unknown world, a new world. It wasn't easy oooo. My experiences as a boarder was more bitter than sweet.

Yes, boarding school helps inculcate some values, like sanitation, discipline, teaches self dependency, the "housechild" you were would be broken; where you run to mummy and daddy at whim. Mind you, boarding school is no vacation like I assumed in my child mind. Had to wake by 5, do chores for self and a host of seniors, get ready for school, be punished for one offence or two and still attend classes and back. In my young mind, I wondered if anything could be worse? (Now I know better).
As juniors, we were made to do the brunt of the work, in an attempt to make us stronger. Which kind strong biko? Though, It had a few good sides, my stay as a boarder won't make me send my child to a boarding school. I didn't last three years, na so I run make person no kill me for my mama and papa (thanks to the ill-health that finally made my dad make up his mind to let me leave the boarding house cos he initially didn't want me to leave).

My experience as a boarder was horrorful. I was scared of waking up, sleeping, leaving the hostel, going to eat, almost hated breathing, Lolz. The fear of seniors was the beginning of wisdom. There was a time we were forced to lie down on top of soldier ant as a form of punishment cos we didn't sweep the compound as a result of rain. Hmmm, Soldier Ant show me pepper that day, entered every every (you know what I mean).

If you didn't give seniors your provisions or water, you are in big soup. I had a school father, and a senior that was eyeing him hated me for that and punished the hell out of me in the hostel. Another senior flogged me with wire cos I refused to give her my provisions. Hmmm, if I say everything I passed through, we won't leave here today. Chai! Wickedness in high places. Anywayz, no boarding school for my kids oo, hubby must agree biko.
So how was your experience like as a boarder or day student? Let's chat friends.


  1. Wasn't priviledged to attend a boarding school. Looked like fun to me. Having to see my cousins being bought provisions and saying goodbye . Tales they told were funny n scary. Abt ghosts n ill treatment. #thumbs up @pamela.

  2. My parents wanted to send me to a boarding school, but alotta families and friends discouraged them since I was the first child. They said i might end up a spoiled child. ermmmm, with your story Pam, I am grateful I didnt go.

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  3. I didn't go to boarding house, I wanted to but I wasn't admitted, I do envy those boarders anytime they are home for hols, there is just something about those that went to boarding school,I wish I did.

  4. didn't go to boarding school, although my school built hostels but was in ss3 already. I've family members that were boarders so I've heard the horror stories.

  5. I just heard the horror stories, Lady Koi Koi, Bush baby etc. Although I was not chanced to go which I am grateful to Almighty God. I am a witness to what Pamsy said cos when she returned, she was like Alinko in Papa Ajasco Tv series. Agbara Reginald


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