Saturday, 21 March 2015

Love and Fart.

Yesterday evening I went out to chill with "the guys" (yes nah, after the ever stressful week, the night out was necessary). Three of us rode alongside with Jim in his car, so on our way, we heard a loud noise, if you didn't know it, you'll think it was the tire that busted. Hmmm, that loud noise actually came out from Chima's butt, he farted.  Some people may have taken offense on this especially since he didn't apologize but NO we all laughed it out.

You know, when I newly became friends with them, I almost took offense on their incessant farting without apologies, but with time and the love I have for them, I stopped seeing it as a big deal, so I joined THE fart-dom (if you can't beat them,  you join them). Believe me, I gave them a full load, so did they too.

Now, sometime ago, I read somewhere about a lady picking offense over her boyfriend's incessant farting. I would say without blinking that if she truly loves him, she won't pick offense. Yes, when a total stranger farts without apologizing,  hmmm, you'll feel like strangling the person. Just like you being in a bus then someone blows this smelly silent fart then everyone begins to cover their noses including the person that did the deed. Chai, you have every right to be offended there and then, and maybe some of you may even cuss the person out, Lol. But when your loved one(s) farts in your presence, there shouldn't be any cause for offense, just let it pass.
Waitoo, when you are with your spouse, how long will you have to wait for him/her to apologize after farting. My dear just go with the flow joor, with time you'll not even notice when he/she farts. #winks.

How una Saturday? Cheers dearies.


  1. Hilarious post. Saturday? We just dey push am.

  2. Are you for real on this Pam? If I hear say he fart for my nose. I don't like it nada. What kinda love is that? Both the bomb n silent 'mens' I don't like any at all.

  3. Apologize for farting? That’s the beginning oo,
    My hubby taught me how to fart,infact it has turned to a contest. if you can't fart in his presence then you are a pretender *farting all the way to meet my boo*

  4. Lool there are better things to pick offense at than farting. Farting is the least of my worries. Do me I do you.

  5. Lolzz..Bae does it most times but I dnt like it so he stopped..

  6. Lol I guess it smelled like carbide. Well farting when you are with your spouse shows that you are comfortable around him. It's ok of he darts every now and again (better out than in)but it's annoying if he farts every second - nne I can't deal with incessant farting. Any guy that farts all the time must have problems with his gastrointestinal tract.


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