Friday, 31 July 2015

Friday levels.

Wheew... I yaff hear it today. I've been super busy today, and I had an important assignment to meet up outside the office within a short period of time.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Boarding house/school experience.

Happy day dear Pamscribers, hope your day is serving you better? As for me, I'm in a salon crying my eyes out cos of the pain of beauty. Hmmmm, someone please come help me cut this hair cos I no do again abeg. What happens to going on low cut just like back then in secondary school days? The only thing I hear from people now is, "your hair is really long, people are even begging for a long hair as yours. Don't cut your hair, it won't fit you, especially, since you don't put on jewelries.". Please, I can't bear this pain again cos of recent, I now have this huge fear of salons. God help me biko.

If you were a boarder in the house, raise your hands up? I was a boarder for two years and those were the worst two years of my life. The seniors were sent from hell, wicked beings in form of ladies who had vowed to frustrate any junior in or out of sight. I was really tiny when I got into JSS1, and imagine me then carrying those iron buckets almost my size, filled with water, on my head. You are expected to fetch the water without a drop pouring out, if not, the beating that will follow will be out of this world.

If they ask you for your provisions and you dare refuse, you are "marked". The beatings you will receive later on will make you think twice about your existence.

One of those days, it rained heavily so we couldn't sweep the hostel compound. I can remember us being recalled back from the dining hall to the hostel and told to lie down on the floor which was unfortunately for us, filled with soldier ants. If you know or have been bitten by that wicked insect, you'll know what we passed through that day. Those ants crept "up there" and "down there" and bit the living day light out of us.  Though my sister was in the same school, but she couldn't do anything whenever I'm being punished for what I didn't do cos she was only in SS1 then.

Imagine you sleeping and scared to even wake up for fear of what will happen in the morning. Chai! The fear of seniors was the beginning of wisdom abeg. So, I had to disturb my parents to change my school, mum agreed, dad disagreed. This went on until 3rd term of JSS2, and since dad still refused my leaving the school, I became seriously sick. Believe me when I say that sickness saved my life. It was the only reason my dad agreed to my leaving the school. To say that I was happy was an understatement. With the experience I got from that school, I don't think I would allow my person to attend a boarding school at all. The wahala is too much abeg.

So, what was your experience back in secondary school as a day or boarding student? Let's gist biko.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Look beyond the attractions.

Hello my lovelies and how is your Monday going? Mine is going on great, hope yours is too. Let's start counting down to Friday again, Lol.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Faith does the unimaginable...

A beautiful Sunday to you all my lovely Pamscribers, hope today has been a blessing to you all. Today, I have few things to share with you all today in pictures, and I hope it fills you with the peace and inspiration you need...

Friday, 24 July 2015


                                            This is so me..

TGIF people. Finally, the long awaited Friday has showed its beautiful face upon us, especially to those who will be resting this weekend, unlike yours truly that will be working this weekend.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Tantrum Thursday???

Hiya my abled Pamscribers, hope you all are doing great today, and hope this week has blessed you well? We Thank God for every every.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Guest-Post : Motherly love or...?

Hi pamscrib, I am a ghost reader of your blog. I hardly comment but I do read your post well. 
I have some issues which I need you and your blog readers sincere advice. Please hide my identity, biko.

I just got married and it has been an 8 months blissful journey but I noticed my mother's frequent calls everytime, always wanting to know everything, to the extent that anytime she calls first thing she will ask is where are you? Alot of things she wanna know.
She can call me 5 times in a day, abeg why nah, is becoming irritating. Though my hubby is jokingly complaining about it.

There was a time I got a pastor number from her, do you know she has been pestering me to tell her what me and hubby discussed with the pastor? Because I don't have a job yet she keeps telling me to call her uncles and friends, can't she call them on my behalf? 

One of those times, she insisted I should go see one of her rich uncle by fire by force, na so the man dey tell me when will I come visit again that I should come weekend. He was even trying to hug me in his office. This episode was after my wedding.

This night she called me again asking me what is not her business. I DO NOT like people monitoring me. How can I tell her to stop all these without sounding rude? Please I need sincere responses

Dear Poster,
I believe there is a way you can talk to her calmly to back off. After all said and done, she's still your mum.
Abeg, let the comments start rolling. Be wise dear.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Reach for the stars and beyond...

Over the past days, I have been doing a self appraisal, being critical on my self. Socrates, one of the greatest scholars and philosophers coined a term "man know thy self", It sure does help.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Happy Sunday my lovelies.

Another Sunday has finally arrived, a day many of us dread, as it marks the end of the weekend and beginning of another hectic and long week. Thanks to our Muslim brothers, Monday has been declared as a public holiday, so, most of us have another day to enjoy.

What did you do during the weekend? Did you go visit those friends you have been procrastinating about? Did you go see that movie you have been planning to for some time now? How did that date go which you made reservations for? Has the laundry that has been piling up been done?

Today and tomorrow is another day to do those things you couldn't do, make plans, write them down, and you will see yourself achieving those plans. Never give up. Its never too late to start afresh.

Have a blessed new week, and don't forget to tell your friends about Pammie's Crib.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Happy Holidays.

A happy Eid El Fitr to all my Muslim friends, and a happy holiday to everyone at home. As for me and Chinco bee, we are working today. #wipes tears. Chinco bee dearie, God is our bone-marrow, you hear?

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Thursday Tantrum!!!

How are you all doing this cold and rainy day. Mehn, I wish that I'm on my bed right now oo cos this weather is indeed for two (my pillow and I), Lolz.

Tantrum Thursday is here again. I don't have anything to rant about today, my week has been OK so far. The only thing now is that I'm so cold, and my cold blooded colleague isn't making things easy for me cos as much as I put off the AC, he puts it back on, claiming he is hot.

Which kain bad belle be this one now? If you see the kind eye I dey give am. It's enough to turn him into a fish, if only I had those magical powers being displayed in Hollywood movies. #frownsface.

Abeg, how has your week been so far? Let's gist.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Whose report do you believe?

Sometime last year, a lady regrettably told me how she missed/lost a good guy just because a "man of God" told her that the guy wasn't hers. He said that they weren't meant for each other so she should call off the engagement. Though she didn't tell the guy the real reason why she was breaking up with him, and despite his pleas, she still insisted on the break-up. The guy is married now with kids, while she's still single waiting for Mr right. It's not actually being still single in her late 30's that pains her most, but she feels that she was deceived.....

I recently heard about two people who were to get married but they decided to go seek counsel from a Pastor, he told them never to get married, if not, one of them will die. This same message was given to them by different Pastors so it shook them, so they decided to let each other go. Both got married to different people and a few years later, the man's wife died.

After listening to this story, I happened to ask, was it fate for whoever the man gets married to will die, cos he married someone else but his wife still died. The other lady is still alive and married.

I don't want to make this post longer than it should be already cos there are so many stories about people who believed in the counsel of different men of God and they either become made or marred for life.

Homes have been United as well as destroyed through this means. Businesses have crumbled as well as flourished, etc.
So let's talk, what's your take about seeking counsel from men of God? Are their prayers different from yours or does God answer theirs specially? Lolz.

I feel that, if you kneel before God and ask for guidance, HE will direct your path.

So what's your take on this?

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Post marriage regrets.

Hello Pamscribers, hope your day has been awesome so far? Sorry for coming in late today, I've been so so busy. So waddup?

Today is supposed to be our guest post Tuesday, but no mail came in. Please anyone can send in a mail, including our ghost readers. Lol.

So please, we need to keep this day alive so it won't loose it's value. Anyways, I have a question for you all.

Why do some married couples feel they have made a wrong choice after marriage?
Someone close to me is having problems in his marriage. He now feels that him and his wife ain't compatible anymore and regrets getting married to her. He wished he had gotten married to his ex, who he left for his wife now. They are already having serious issues and are already sleeping apart. The gist is too long though, but I want to ask, didn't they see all the signs before they got married?

Biko, let's talk. What will you tell the guy if he was your friend?

Monday, 13 July 2015

Just NEGODU...

A beautiful Monday to you my lovely Pamscribers, hope your day is serving you better? Well, mine is treating me beautifully, considering yesterday's mishap . Lolz.

Well, earlier today I was racking my brain on what to write and then my phone chimed, whatsapp message. I happened to read the message before I even looked at the name of the person that sent me, I was shocked and started wondering who was sending me such message, then I looked at the name and laughed my head off.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Blessed Sunday to you all.

Hello my lovely Pamscribers, Happy Sunday to you and yours. May the peace of the Lord be upon us all.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Saturday questions.

Waddup everyone. How una Saturday dey go? Happy weekend to you all oo. Hope none of you is working today like I am. Well, man must work so that we'll all smile at the end of the month, abii?

Unlike yesterday's post that was really long, today's post will be short. Infact, its just going to be about questions, while you all will provide your answers to it at the comment section.
Here goes:

Friday, 10 July 2015

Don't deny them what they love.

A beautiful rainy Friday to you all. Shey the cold isn't worrying you too much shaa. Anyways, you know the usual shaa, (cover yourself with the blood of Jesus). Lol. Yesoo, that's the in thing now. Abegoo, make una no vex, today's post will be a little bit long, so brace yourselves.

Anyways, few days ago my sister refreshed my memory on a story which I've heard a few years ago. The story goes thus:

Thursday, 9 July 2015

TAntRuM tHUsDAy.

Tantrum Thursday is here again. Biko, I want to skip the introduction and go straight to my vex.

I don't know if you guys can remember about a friend of mine I told you all about who was searching for an apartment in Lagos and saw different types of crappy houses. Well, after 3-4 months of search, he finally found one he liked and did the payment, actually, they over-charged him by 20k for damages but he didn't mind. They asked him to give them 2 weeks to repair/change things in the house, which he agreed and then went back to his current landlady for extra 10days to stay in the house before he vacates, since his house rent had already expired.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Rich bully Vs Poor with prospects.

Good afternoon my lovely Pamscribers, cheers to you all cos without you, I won't be here. Do keeping visiting and sharing Pammie's Crib. God bless you all.

Years ago, precisely my year one in the higher institution, I happened to be in a club for broadcasting students. So, one of those meeting days, a discussion came up and the question was directed to the ladies. "Will you marry a rich bully or a poor man with prospects". Some ladies said they'll go for the rich bully, so far he doesn't kill them, they actually saw abuse as part of what gives balance to a relationship. A particular lady stood up and constructively gave reasons why she would prefer the poor guy and how she'll help him achieve his goals. Few people were against it and insisted that there isn't Love in poverty.
So here I am now, bringing this before you all. Who would you choose and give us reasons why you will choose him.

In the case of the rich man, he bullies/abuses you both physically and emotional, he is a serial flirt and cheat which you are aware of, but he cares for you and gives you the whole world at your demand. Financially, you are more than loaded but you've not only lost your self esteem during the course of the relationship, you've lost most of your friends cos he has made himself your personal Lord and Savior. Will you say "YES" to him despite all these?

On the other hand, The poor guy with prospects is your friend and your man. He doesn't have enough to be called comfortable, but he has prospects, good business plans that are being delayed by cash. The little he has, he doesn't mind sharing it equally with you or even giving you more than half. He listens to you and never hurts you. He's your bestie of life. Will you be patient enough to live with the poor guy until he achieves his goals?

This question is for the ladies in da house.  To the guys in the house, imagine that a lady close to you finds herself in this fix, what will you advise her to do?
Although, your part will come in another post later this week. So, let the comments start rolling.

P.S : You can now follow me on instagram
Pamela_orji. #winks.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Guest-Post Tuesday : Distance relationship thingy.

Hi Pam and the wonderful Pamscribers. Hope you all are doing great. Pam please do not disappear on us again, welcome back though. OK, this is my story, I'll make it really short.

I am dating this cool lady and have even engaged her and met her people last year that I came into the country. I stay in Turkey, she stays in UK. Now, we recently called off the relationship /engagement cos we can't seem to agree to a mutual term.

The problem here is that, she has built her life in UK and has refused to leave there, I on the other hand, is doing so well here and the company I work for has given me good opportunities whereby I travel all around the world and have met good people and made connections, but that's not a problem.

OK, I suggested we move back to Nigeria together where we both have branches of our different companies but she blatantly refused, and believe me, we've been quarreling since then. This long distance thing is killing my spirit. How can we be married and live in different states. It doesn't make sense at all. So we mutually called off the whole thing.
While dating though, I still ensure I see her at least, once in two-four months. Distance relationship ish.

Our families are asking us what's up, but nothing is up. We ain't getting married again.
My fellow people, please what would we have done in this case? Did we take the right step? Please advice. Thanks.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Monday nothing.

Happy new week guyz, Lolz. How has your day been so far? My system hasn't really adjusted to work resumption yet so, here I am in a training, nodding my head. Chai! This is a disgrace to my personality. When the trainer shouted,  "stop sleeping there", I jumped thinking I was the one, Thank God it wasn't me,  Lolz.

Biko, I'm typing this in the training room and after this time, I'll be super busy with work.  So I want to remind us that our "Face of the week" is still on and it's being featured on Monday's. Please, send in your pictures to grace our pages. Tuesday's are our "Guest-Post Tuesday", please send in your posts via my email address,

Abeg, let me concentrate on the training  cos this man has started giving me side eyes. OK, bye. Get behind me sleep. Bye again and see you tomorrow. Kisses and hugs, xoxo.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Be the good role model that you should.

Hello my lovelies and a beautiful Sunday to you and yours. Hope your day is as blessed as mine? Remain Blessed as always.

I watched a Mount Zion movie today. Who else loves their movies, cos I've been addicted to them for the past 10 years. Anyways, back to the movie.

Friday, 3 July 2015

What will you do???

What would you do if your brother introduces a lady he wants to marry, but everyone in the family doesn't approve of her? This is the question for the day.

Now, I recently came in contact with a family, I'm sorry to say this, but the drama there is similar to what they act in a Naija movie.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Thursday Tantrum!!!

Tantrum Thursday oti de oo. It's here again. Come in here and vent out all the anger in you, don't keep them all in, instead, let them all out.

I'm still suffering from waist pain all thanks to the reckless driver that took us to calabar. Imagine that anytime he enters a pothole, instead of him to apologise to us, he comes down from the bus to check if there was any damage to his bus. Imagine that!!! And it didn't occur once or twice but severally. He was so slow and we ended up getting to Calabar by 1am. I know that it's far but we should have gotten there at most 8pm. Anyways, trust the passengers to fire him with their mouths. #rollseyes.
Abeg, what's the treatment for waist pain cos mine is seriously paining me biko.

Please, they should bring back our tomatoes and pepper abeg, before its too late.

That's mine. What's yours? Let's Gist.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Welcome to July.

Happy new month my awesome lovelies and welcome to the second half of the year. May God's continual blessings be showered upon us, and may this month bring us favours upon favours in Jesus name, Amen.

I want to use this opportunity to say a very BIG thank you for all the calls and emails, I gat awesome and really caring people right here. I'm so feeling fly. I feel better now and I'm back too. I also went for my Vacation and I choose Calabar. Wow, Calabar is a very peaceful place and I'm seriously considering relocation. Do you know that I almost thought I was in London cos there was constant light. Once they take it, before you blink, it's back.

Hmm, these malam's selling suya for us here in Lagos are really cheating us. If you see suya I bought 600 naira over there, i screamed cos it's something you buy 5k here and I'm not exaggerating. Well, as planned, I rested, ate good and fresh food, slept and slept, ate white corn and pear, rested again and I'm back to Lagos and everything in it. Yes, that wasn't the vacation I had in mind, but I really enjoyed it.

I'm sorry for going AWOL, didn't plan that. Firstly it was the illness and then airtel network was somehow bad in the area I was. Couldn't even go far out cos of the constant rain. I'm back now and thanks once again for the caring reach out. I love you all and may God continue to bless you. E-hugs and E-kisses.

Note: please do tell people about Pammie's Crib, we need the traffic. Tell someone to tell someone and let the chain continue.
Tomorrow is tantrum Thursday, be ready to voice out what has angered you during the week.
Do you have any complaint? Is there something I'm not doing right? Send me an email on, or drop a comment.
Do you have something to share with us? Send it to the above email too, or send it to me via WhatsApp - 07037531587.
We will be six months on the 6th of this month. Hurray!!!

Thank you and cheers.