Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Ehmm, my mail box is empty. There isn't any guest post today (SOBS). Please dear friends, Tuesday is our Guest post day, so send in any gist. Do you want advice, send it in. Tatafo of any form, biko, humor us. Help Pammie's Crib to serve you better. Cheers dearies. Nevertheless, I have something for you.

I read and hear stories about suicides in Europe and America and it not only baffles me, it enrages me to hear such. Why kill self out of depression or a jilted lover or shame? It could have been worse. What enrages me more is that Naija people have joined the queue. Suicide rates are soaring. The trend like many western traits is starting to find its way into our country. How can a young and promising young man, kill self cos the lady he loved dumped him to marry someone else? Or a lady commit suicide for the same reason. This is insane biko.

Ok, see this scenario; I was watching a movie last night, Wild Card, here a girl needed Jason Statham's help in torturing the people that raped her, when Jason asked her about him getting killed cos the people involved were dangerous people, the only answer she gave him was "I'll be miserable for days". Yes, she wanted him to risk his life and when killed, she'll just mourn him only for a few days. 
So you see, if you commit suicide cos someone dumped you, the highest he/she will do is to mourn you for a few days or months, that's if the person will even bother to mourn you. You see why it doesn't make any sense. There are so many things to live for. So no matter what you are going through, Suicide isn't and shouldn't even be an option. 

I know life can be torturing at times, but the ability to HOPE for a better tomorrow should keep you going. Speak up and reach out, don't keep it all in. The ups and downs in life sharpens us for a greater future, so HOPE for the best, have FAITH and PRAY more. Everything will turn out for the best, it may not be today, but eventually it will. #GODWIN.


  1. Pamela God bless you for this, its as if u read my mind
    Suicide should never be an OPTION, it shud nt even come to mind. Nice one


  2. .I can flood your blog with guest posts o. no too beg me o or I go spark carry plenty come your domot.

    depression is a really serious illness & it affects more & more people by the day worldwide. it's a wonder we Nigerians aren't all depressed out of our minds with the state of this country. God help us all!

    Dnt know why my Google id is not showing, Bern trying to comment for ages. this network sef! ucweb, Google chrome ....story! lemme see if this operamini head dey house.


  3. Never an option indeed, life is filled with many opportunities!

  4. Only someone without a vision would commit suicide.

    Pam dear Pls add my site to your blog list. Thanks

  5. Have faith and pray more? I wish I read this post yesterday! I'd have been happier.


  6. It's only a coward that opt for suicide.no matter what we are going through, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
    Hold on,hold out


  7. I wonder how easy it is for people to take their own life.I just dont get it


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