Monday, 23 March 2015

Pammie's Crib Face of the week.

O yea, its another new week, and who do we have as our face of the week? Meet lovely, beautiful, pweetty, asa-nwa, ehmm, if i have another I'll add later, Lolz. So meet Ibuo Ada Vivienne, a final year Philosophy student of IMO state University. She is a jovial person, and guess what.... she loves making new friends (did you hear that? I did oo, biko I need new female friends, still hunting for more. Lolz)

Do you know what else is awesome, this beauty is SINGLEEEE. Guyz in da house where are you biko? Hope you know the drill shaaa, I love playing cupid only for a good course and serious minded people ooo. Good. See more of her lovely pictures after the cut...


Nne i di okk (You are fine.). Thanks for gracing us this week with your lovely face dear. Show her some love people.
Biko, my dearest friends, remember this is a continuous thing. Grace us with your pictures weekly. Thanks dearies and a Happy new week. My email remains,

Note: I'll post something else later today. So stay glued. Kisses.


  1. She is beautiful.
    Love her dimples. Why don't I even have sef?

  2. Eleyinjuege. Very pretty

  3. Beautiful face of the week

  4. Fine girl no pimples, I love your swag, I love your dimple, so simple. ..
    BTW we no dey see ya comments for here, we just dey hear am . abeg abi she dey comment? Kikikikikikik

  5. Oh so this is vienna

    Dimple.....i notice thou....

    Beta pikin!!!

  6. Vivienne, didnt know you r this pretty nne. You mama born you well jare.

    Bia Pam, try to enlarge the pics biko, so we can av a clearer view.

    Please click on my name for Fashion/Fitness/Beauty tips

  7. You just got a blog fan. Keep it up. Dnt knw y my google acct is not working with the comments

    1. Hi dear, wlkm on board. Its probably a browser issue or a network issue. Tks 4 stopping by, nd we'll love u to keep visiting. Dnt 4get 2 drop ur comments. Cheers dear.

  8. You do a great job playing cupid. Fine chic.


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