Friday, 1 May 2015

Curses and it's effects.

I read something on Stella's blog a few days ago which made me scream the WTF word. This curse thing is real. A guy first asked his girlfriend to swear she isn't sleeping around, when she swore, he later cursed her that no man but him will go "in" there and live. The irony was that, as the gal swore the oath, the guy didn't, thus, making him not as vulnerable as the gal. He hasn't renounced it yet as at that time. 

This took me back to weeks ago when I  and a few friends were talking about curses. A lady in our midst said that during her University days, she broke up with her boyfriend, only for the guy to place a curse on her saying she won't ever find love.  She was scared to the bones, but the guy renounced it after few days. Now I know of a girl that the same thing happened to but she didn't believe it, after 4 years of having failed relationships, she remembered the curse and went back to her ex and begged him to renounce the curse. The guy laughed over it and said that he didn't mean it back then, the girl insisted, so he finally renounced it. 

This shit is real mehn. But wait oo, why should a guy bring out kolanut and all,  asking me to swear if he's the only "Moses that crosses my red sea" and I accept. Biko, I smoke weed ni? Why should I try to please someone and then displease myself thereby putting myself in harms way. No be me and you oo, infact na only you Waka come be that.

No swearing, cursing or blood oath/covenant for me, I no fit shout. Please be wise and shine your eyes well well, to avoid running from one prayer house to another .

If someone asks you to swear, flee with your two left legs without looking back, don't go and carry another person's generational curse on your head cos of love. If he/she really loves and trusts you, they won't ask for something as diabolic as that. Ha, I fitn't agree oo. I don commot.
But let me ask you all, do you believe in curses, and will you swear just to keep a relationship or marriage? Let's gist biko.

Do have a beautiful weekend and a happy workers day crib-mates. E-kisses and e-hugs to you all.


  1. Sometimes it's the fear -not the act itself that makes people paranoid. Have a beautiful month!

    1. I 100% agree with you..

  2. Swear for what naw? Some feel it means nothing but even at that what should be about swearing in a relationship? Unto say???

  3. if i hear say i swear? but sometimes sef lust they make person misbehave.

  4. It works if iit was painfully or delibrately pronounced but,only if the acursed(op I correct?) Is guilty.

  5. Except they go to herbalist place ,all those curses na Bobo. I remember when my ex, the guy I loved so much jilted me, I woke up in the mid of the night to curse him,the curse plenty, eeeeh ,i will be waiting to hear bad news about him so they will say he should come and beg me (too much Yoruba film)now the guy even married before me ,he has two kids, lives in the state with his family.
    Forget that thing, if you believe that's when it will happen, shuo

  6. Naijasinglegirl2 May 2015 at 06:29

    Curse ke? Blood oaths? Who still consents to that sort of nonsense. God forbids. Meanwhile I can no longer comment on blogger with opera mini and that's what I used for reading blogs. Is it just me?

  7. Curses aint real! Or maybe it works according to your belief.
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  8. Its based on believe ... But I try to stay out of harms way in situations like this

  9. Curses are real mehn. Especially when females curse. Words are powerful


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