Friday, 29 May 2015

Dawn of a New Era!!!

Change, a word synonymous with the new administration that has usurped the once ruling party, PDP, after 16 years of rule. Congratulations to Buhari and Nigerians that have proven once again that change is inevitable. A dawn of a new era begins now.                               

Relationships and life, like in politics need change, some more radical than others, but change nonetheless. Many couples are shackled by norms, traditions and fear that they are left behind when others are moving forward. Like Peter pan, in neverland, you never get old, timeless, ageless and archaic. Fear of making a mistake makes many never go anywhere in life. Fear of the unknown, fear of change and so many other things makes people stagnant in life.

We all are accustomed to stories that sound stranger than fiction where a spouse beats or abuses the other and unbelievably, the abused still stays, why? I asked a married friend and the response she gave shocked and annoyed me. She said, most women don't know how to start all over again, after staying with a man for so long, she doesn't know where or how to start from, so she bears it all and remains in that abuse. The violence is as a result of her wrong doing, self guilt. She not only condones it, she thinks she deserves it!!!. I beseech all ladies that have been in any spousal abuse, leave such relationships, or report it to the authorities that handle such cases, or stay and get killed at the long run while your ghost watches as he is set free and chooses another girlfriend. Change your mind-set, change you. Change!!! For men who think that the woman is a less human and should be manhandled at home, change!!!!!! 

To the men too, when in an unhappy relationship, or the lady is threatening the living day light out of you, do the needful. Stop the pity love, pity relationships and all. To the married folks, am not married, so I have no idea about marriage, but with the little I've learnt from my married friends, seek counsel, speak out. Don't die in silence and don't be scared of change either. People will always talk whether you change or not, so choose wisely, but remember that most people are scared of change and would try their best to discourage others from involving in it too.
Most of us wait for a magic hand to steer us from somethings, sorry, magic happens in Hollywood and Nollywood and on movie sets. True, life ain't a bed of roses, and it isn't a garden of thorns either, we make of life what we want. Past defeats, let downs, misses and outright rejection and dejection isn't enough reason to quit or give up.  History is littered with men and women who never gave up. They failed and tried till they succeeded. They changed!!! 

Change is constant. We have to change the way we think, our perception. As a people, we must change the concept that one race, tribe, religion, sex is better, or greater than another. When we have truly changed ourselves, we can now change others. Happy democracy day and GOD BLESS NIGERIA AND NIGERIANS. We all can help to achieve this change too, remember. One Love people.


  1. Change is everything and so much more indeed.

  2. You said it all Pam, change is applicable to all areas of life. And individually we decide the chance we want.

  3. I think the problem people have is not taking risk, hence the reason they don't explore change

  4. May 29=change we have been waiting for!!!

    We find it hard to welcome change even if we know the change is for good!!! May God help us

  5. Change is part of living. Sometimes it's hard but most times it is inevitable. God bless you, God bless me, God bless Nigeria!

  6. Its craziness for anyone to think they deserve physical violence.. We pray this change brings us better tidings.


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