Tuesday, 5 May 2015

GUEST POST: When fiance gives an ultimatum.

Dear Pamscribers, how are you all doing today. Xoxo. I'll just go straight to the point. 

I've been dating this guy for two years now and he's been sweet so far and by God's grace we are getting married this year and have started the preparations.
Recently, he's been insisting I delete myself from Facebook, that I have a lot of friends and admires so he isn't comfortable with it anymore. I still try to dodge all that because I don't want to delete my facebok account, he noticed and has finally given me an ultimatum of 10 days. I don't understand all these his giving of ultimatum.

I can't delete myself off Facebook, that is where I connect with most of my friends who are not in the country.
My plan is to block him on my page or open another account so that I'll keep in touch with my friends. I don't understand why he should start controlling me now that we aren't even married yet, my fear is, what will he do when we are married? Please advice.

****My dear, I hope you haven't made up your mind on the blocking -ish,  my question is, what if you block him and then lie to him that you have deleted yourself from Facebook and then he searches you with another persons account and still finds you on Facebook, what will you say or do? What if one way or another he finds out that you have another account, What next? Are you ready for what follows afterwards? You know, there are ways our lies comes back to bite us on our bum-bum. Ponder over this questions and answer it within you, then you'll know the right step to take. May God give you the wisdom to handle this matter.  Cheers dear. 

Abeg, let us all do the needful. Thanks and do enjoy the rain.


  1. Try to talk over it, are you also showing signs that is making him feel insecure? Delete unnecessary contact from your account, make him trust you. I can't say anything except we hear from the other side.
    My own is thoroughly examine yourself, you might be doing something he does not like


  2. What can I say? I dont think he should ask you to deactivate your facebook account, is he deactivating his too? he should tell you to cut down some friends or something. I dont think its fair sha but what do I know self.

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  3. Well its a tricky one. If he's worried about the admirers, he must have a valid reason for asking. But if she gives in, will he also delete his account too? Looks like some things need to be resolved before the marriage. Best wishes!

  4. Nobody can tell me to delete my facebook acct oo. Whatever for? Am sure ur fiance is on facebook,he now wants you to delete your acct. Ko possible.

    The only reason I would delete it is if he did the same.

  5. This is really tricky..pls dont go into your marriage with the foundation of Lies


  6. This is a very shaky foundation for marriage. Where's the trust? How many things will you delete before he's satisfied?


  7. If I hear say I delete my fb acc because of lee boo
    Dear poster, I would advise you have a heart to heart with your fiance, he does not have any right to control your social life if it does not affect him negatively, this is what they call trust issues, it kills a relationship fast, let him knw that you cannot delete your account, face the consequence now not when u married,fight for your right dear

  8. Its obvious there won't be trust in the marriage are u the only one that is a marriage and still operates her Facebook account
    He just doesn't trust u and u people need to build trust amongst each other.

  9. I don't know how to advice you as I've never been engaged. This is a delicate matter. Ultimatum tho! Nawa


  10. Just observing... Its all based on trust, u have to really search ur conscience(have you done anything wrong through that forum?)


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