Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Bleaching things.

Few days ago, I bumped into an old friend of mine, after the normal girlie glee, giggles and hugs, my big eye noticed that the once upon a time dark and beautiful skinned lady, has now transformed into a fair skinned lady.

My curious self asked her what happened to her former skin, she simply said that "skin bleaching is the in thing now, and that no lady wants to be dark anymore." Say what??? I told her pop and plain that if I were to be a guy, I would graciously choose the dark her a hundred times over to this fair version of her. At the long run, she just termed me "old school" and walked away.

Seriously, am I old school or is it that I just don't understand why dark skinned girls should find being dark now irritating. I read about a girl who actually detested the dark skin alot, so she went ahead to bleach her skin and then later started insulting the dark-skinned ones. Imagine ooo. Biko, when did our pride become something to be ashamed of? Aint we as Africans supposed to be appreciated as blacks?

Have you noticed that whenever you go to the store to get a cream or soap, you see white-this, fair-that, bright-this and that, shine-them, all this attached to their different names. You hardly find a skin care product without fair, white or bright attached to them. So you see, even manufacturers of these products know that people now prefer being fair. Some people attribute fairness to beauty, but the simple truth is BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL anytime, anyday.

I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a picture of a girl I knew about 10 years ago. I only recognized her now cos of the big birthmark on her face. This girl was now so fair, I didn't know when I screamed out loud. There's a joke about God not recognizing the bleached people when they get to heaven. Lolz.

Although a lot of people now prefer white to black, they should also note that it has it's own downside,  Excessive usage and mixtures of these products may cause sunburn. I know of a few people who are suffering from this till date, some are even so irritating to look at. I also know of a lady who after birthing her child through CS, stitching it back was war. Heard it was really difficult cos the skin was now so soft and slippery. Some people bleach but their knuckles still remain dark so what's the essence of the bleach.

I'm not discouraging anybody oo, or trying to cause bad market or bad belle to some people. I just ask,  why the bleaching? Why are you running away from your God-given skin? I'm yet to really get a satisfying answer to these questions, so if you have any, kindly tell us.

People should learn to be appreciative of their skin colour and then get a cream and soap that will be suitable for them. Abeg, I don talk finish. To the bleachers in the house, no vex biko. For the picture above, I just found it funny. Cheers dearies.


  1. Lol. Let those who bleach keep bleaching. The other day, "someone said, "Hey! Amaka you are getting fair oo" I almost cried. I don't want to be "oyinbo" at all. That's how much I love my dark shiny skin. ;)

    Black is beautiful. dazal.

  2. Lol I'm tired of talking about this bleaching thing. To each his own

    Molola's Blog

    1. the thing is that after talking to them about it ....they would pretend but still go back... black is the most original beauty b

  3. Whatever rocks their boat
    Na dem sabi

  4. The repercussion will always show..i love my chocomilo Bleaching is bad and disasterous to the health..

  5. Lol..@ dat pic u used, but all I would say is bleaching is bad, nuthing is as good as maintaining your skin colour

  6. Yes you are oldschool PAT

    Bleach is the reigning thing. Do you need some white things? Lolz

    It's inferiority complex for those people. Their problem

  7. Fair skinned is the trend. ...kikikikikikik, you are truly old school. Come and join the club

  8. This bleaching thing is not a joke anymore... I hope upcoming youths won't start thinking its normal to bleach your skin and start hating their own dark skin. Very soon black skin would be the in thing and I wonder if the bleachers would start looking for cream that would make them black...insecurity lo n damu won.. God help us...
    Hey mami thanks for visiting our blog...mwahhhhh

  9. I don't understand the craze. Know someone like that. Though she's prettier but when you take a closer look ,you see the damages. Black is beautiful. Embrace who you are.

  10. Lmao, even when you can see their black knuckles and dark scalps they insist "yellow" is their colour. Problem is after a while they start to smell some way. Toning is different from what Nigerian girls are currently doing. They are peeling back layers and layers and layers....

  11. People who bleach have a problem that is beneath dia skins. It is a problem from the inside of them. They need help!!!!

  12. bleach is simply condemnable and forbidden

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