Saturday, 23 May 2015

Biko, forgive me.

Forgive me Pamscribers for I have sinned against you all. I did night shift yesterday and when I came back this morning, I jumped on my bed for a quick nap, only to over-sleep and then jump off the bed by 11am. 

Having noticed that I was already an hour late for a wedding that starts by 10am, I started battling between attending the wedding or continuing with my precious sleep, "NO, get behind me Satan, after buying asoebi, I must attend this wedding. Oh, yea spirit of attending weddings only 4 times in my life, I reject you oo.". With this, I rushed to the bathroom then remembered that " Pam, you need to eat oo, so that what happened in 1978 won't happen again", I didn't want to get there and start crying hunger-hunger. I had to rush back out to the kitchen for a quick indomie. I was basically acting like a mad person. Kai, how do you people do it, I need more experiences on "how to attend weddings with ease", abeg if you have a hand-book biko borrow me ejoo.
So the head and tail of this story is to apologise for not posting our daily inspirational quotes, and also for posting this one late. Forgive me biko, I pray it doesn't repeat itself. The causer of this is the wedding ooo.

Eheee, let me tell you a secret, my most interesting part of a wedding is the "kiss the bride" part, Lolz. Chai, but this guy dey shy shaa. Let me just assume that it isn't how he will kiss at home ooo. Lolz. One thing about weddings and I is that I kinda get really emotional cos of the lovey-dovey air, which may lead to me unintentionally shedding a tear or two, a happy one though. Imagine a friend calling me and saying, "Pam, how was the wedding, hope you cried shaa". He accused me of being too emotional. I didn't disappoint him though cos I did feel a tear trickling down but I quickly wiped it off, wouldn't want people asking me, "Babe, why are you crying". I no fit answer question biko. I think that's why I unconsciously run away from weddings. Lolz.

Seriously, I love this couple and they both are my colleagues, and also I kinda did a match-making thingy unintentionally. Wow, ain't I proud that it worked out well. #winks.
She is really lucky cos this guy is one of the few best guys I've ever met. I'm gonna tell you his story sometime soon, so that girls will use it as a lesson to appreciate what they've got before they regret loosing it.

So, let us say a short prayer to them and cheers to Mr and Mrs J...... May God bless your home. To all the single ladies including the guyz on this blog, I'm standing as a point of contact to us all, ours will locate us with ease in Jesus name. Amen. #griningeartoear. Love you all so much and cheers to us too. 
Thanks so much for your understanding. I left the wedding venue straight back to work. Chai, if you see me now, you'll think I've been panel-beaten. I don tire no be small, but I had so much fun shaa. I really hope I don't dose off while working. #Ammissingmybed. See ya.


  1. hahahahah! pele oo,i remmebr that anytime i go to owambe with my hubby we must fight before leaving the thanks to makeup and gele tying

    may God bless your new home Mr and Mrs J,you boty will grow old on one pillow.

  2. Good that you had fun.. Was expecting to see some pics nah.


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