Monday, 18 May 2015

Real fact of life.

Have you ever thought about how you seem to have so many friends especially when you are at the TOP? They worship the ground you step on and will do anything to remain in your good books, but when any slight thing happens to you and you loose that glory and fall, they flee like the speed of light, na only you waka come be dat. They are the people that blind you from seeing those who are indeed TRUE to you.

I was conversing with someone who isn't in a very good place right now, and when he told me about what he's going through, and how he's friends have deserted him, I told him "you know your true friends when you are down and not when you are up", a friend in need is a friend indeed isn't just a saying, it's a fact. That is how life is. That person who is always with you come rain and sun is someone deserving to be called a true friend.

Our president lamented recently about how people have deserted him at this time he needed them most. This is his down time, yes he isn't out, rich or not, this is when he will know who his true loyalist are, and believe me,  they will be really few.

Ur up-time, which could be money, fame, whatsoever, is like shit (faeces). We all know how the flies perches around it, but when it's stale, they leave it for a fresher one. Believe it or not, that is how people are. But, some people don't take note of this, rather they prefer to abandon the people that stood by them during the down-time, and immediately associate themselves with the flies that have noticed their change in status. They refer to the other group as old fashioned and don't fit in their latest life style/status. This is so wrong.

When it comes to relationships, I really appreciate people who take their die hard partners along with them after they make it, they are true people. Why should you dump the person that suffered with you when you were basically nothing down there only for you to leave them because you've considered yourself as being BIG, so now you are disassociating yourself from your former life and the people that were with you. Ooh, do not forget that karma is a bi*ch. It isn't nice at all. 

Learn to be appreciative of them, cos they are the true friends that have stood the test of time. Beware of all the sasabe 's that will only notice your 'up-time' and flee with their two left legs when you go down. Ask God for wisdom in knowing these people. They quickly switch allegiance when anything negative happens to you. They aint worth your friendship at all. Beware of them. Remember this, SUCCESS HAS MANY FATHERS, FAILURE IS AN ORPHAN. Have a beautiful day my lovelies.


  1. Positive and great thoughts, we shouldn't put our faith in mere mortals as they are bound to disappoint. All in all good friends are hard to keep.

  2. Ride on pastor..... Thumbs up girl I love this piece.

  3. That is very correct,to the extent that the presido himself is complaining bitterly about the issue of abandonment! Chai ! too bad.

  4. Nice. Nice. Nice. The truth is everybody cannot be my friend.

  5. Really nice and positive inspiration post, pams funny but thats life for you sis, so do not out strech yourself to please anyone.

  6. Chup knuckle babes. U are too much
    Inspiring write up

  7. Success has many
    True talk. Everybody wants to identify with success. it's for you to open your eyes and avoid peppersoup friends.

  8. Do what you can do and don't expect anything from anybody. The funny part is that the way they come running when your story changes,you wonder if they're not ashamed. The answer is No ,stupidity and selfishness are never shy

  9. Awwwww lovely piece

    There is something about post like this, very impactful

  10. Most friends are fair weather friends that's y yoruba people will say " 20 children can't play for 20 years" .

  11. Another beautifully written piece - very thought provoking and I'm still pondering

  12. girl am always excited each time i visit your blog, because i see new things every day


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