Thursday, 7 May 2015

Tantrum Thursday!!!

Over the past week, thanks to the scarcity of fuel, I was stuck in a bus as the driver had to wait on a long queue to buy fuel, after collecting our fares. Can you imagine that!! The refuse collectors in my area decided to take a mandatory strike, thus, our refuse had to stay outside and cause not only an eyesore, or air pollution, but it brought rodents and cat-like rats to scavenge and litter the place. Saw a rat and I literally stood transfixed. The rat was huge. Lagos rats na wa oooo.

The incessant power outage is now a norm. Two whole days we didn't have light, and when PHCN did find it in their heart to pity us with light, it came in form of a voltage so high, it burnt people's electronics, we had to even beg them to take it. God is watching.

Fuel scarcity has helped hike the cost of transport fares. Getting to work now is war, traffic has increased times two. Please they should just do something about it.

So Crib mates, what happened to you over the past week?


  1. Still the same light issue Jare.

  2. Your rants are the same as mine. For two days, my battery was dead. The Gen at work developed fault smh. And I was too lazy to queue for fuel. It's been a really long week mehn

  3. See pams ehen am even too angry to rant!
    I pray God intervenes in Nigeria's situation

  4. It's still naija Na ah are u forgetting so soon

  5. Nepa, FUEL, everything seems so tight nowadays. Above all am grateful for the gift of life,.Thank God for my landlady maid who offered me fuel. hahahahaha


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