Sunday, 10 May 2015


Happy Sunday folks, for those who went to church, how was service today, for those who didn't how are you all doing today? The weekend is almost over and most of us would go back to work come Monday and toil and strive till Friday again .

As the week begins, we make plans, set targets, but we don't know what tomorrow brings. Today is a perfect time to sit back, reflect and give thanks to "He" who gives life. Be grateful and believe that this week will bring forth good tidings to our lives.
Most of us don't enjoy our jobs, too tasking, demeaning, underpaid. Yet, we wake up, dress up and still do that which we don't enjoy. Why? Mostly because of tomorrow, of HOPE, that tomorrow will be better than today. A quote I heard years ago is my watchword "deprive a man anything but hope".

Everyday we wake up, hale and hearty, we believe that our best will one day pay off. We will reap the fruits of our efforts, time, energy, money. This week is the best time to believe. Let our dreams be pregnant with hope. Dare to dream. Be positive-minded. Remember, when the world says there is a casting down, we the children of God will lift up our voices and say, THERE IS A LIFTING UP. Have a believing and hope-filled week crib-mates.

****Pardon me for not coming up with a story today, had a very busy week and I dozed off while trying to complete something last night. I'll try not to disappoint on our Story Sunday next week. Cheers.****


  1. Hmmmmm let my dream be pregnant with hope. Thanks for this inspiring words.

  2. Thanks for sharing dear

  3. wow.. finally this blog and the owner has finally Gotting The Rigth Medication......

    hmmmmmmm Great write Up...

  4. Thanks for the motivation, Pam. Much helpful.
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  5. You are just a superb writer. Thanks for sharing dear and keep inspiring us

  6. A hundred G for this inspiration Pam

  7. Service was awesome!
    Mother's day service was colourful and eventful

  8. Thank you Pam for this inspiring message. God bless

  9. When there's life there's hope.Its only the living that can praise God. The gift of life is more than any achievement.
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  10. Motivation overload!!!
    Take things easy Pam.

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