Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Love isn't sex.

Good day my dear Pamscribers, sorry for  starving you of your morning breakfast. I apologize and would do my best to make up. Hope the fuel fiasco has abated and gone back to the status quo. I really thank God that the craziness has stopped cos I was really beaten big time, it affected my every every but thank God we are back and better. I won't forget to thank you all for your words of encouragement, you are da bomb. God bless you all. To the post of the day:

A lot of notions have risen whereby sex has been linked to love, so the question is, Is sex a prove of Love?

In today's world, sex has been used more as an instrument, a bargaining chip to get what you want, also it has been used as a prove of love and all other things associated with it. The popular slogan of "using what you have to get what you want" is gaining popularity and becoming a norm now. Sex is becoming and has become a  currency in which love, affection, attention, money, power etc is bought and sold. I read in a magazine the other day about a guy that wanted the galfriend to have sex wit him to prove she loves him? How absurd!!! So, if she doesn't have sex, does that mean she doesn't love him? #shakeshead.

Most of us ladies  have either had situations where sex has been asked of us for favours, jobs, appointments, gifts etc. Turning it down or accepting is purely our choice. In terms of sex in the married context, couples either way can starve their spouse of sex to either show their anger/hate towards something or person, teach a lesson, or just a classic case of wanting your "better half" to want you more. In any scenario, sex and love may seem intertwined but aint the same. A man can have sex with a gal and not feel a thing for her and vice versa. Women are now masters in the art of "using" a man. #winks.

For what its worth, next time he or she asks/begs/pleads for a show of love, a sign through sex, just point to the next available exit, a little nudge or push is allowed or even a slap will give them a brain reset. So my dearies, do not fall for that old trick of proving your Love for someone through sex, they ain't the same and that person isn't worth your Love.
Do have a blast.


  1. I will see your post this way;Sex isn't love! Why? Sex have just one definition while love got many definition.That's by the way.Any thing sex outside marriage is infatuation,lust,favor,settlement,bribe,and so many of the likes.But when it comes between couples,i can authoritative say that it is a TONIC to love in marriage.take it or leave it, many couples have crumbled because of mismanagement of sex.I will be back!

  2. What a Nice post Pamela Ugochi Orji, Sex is truely not love, but these days, sex is already the other of the day, mostimes sex is now used as a purchasing currency for people to get what the want!
    Thanks for this piece of information!

  3. Kpekem you hit the nail on the right spot lolz.. It's high time people get wiser..

  4. They guys will always lure the babe's to sex claiming it's a proof of love

  5. sex is overrated,when you marry you will understand, its better to keep oneself till wedding night.especially when you meet the right person.any man that tell you to prove your love through sex is an ass,flee away from such people.

  6. You're right dear. Sex is definitely not love. Love your blog's new look.

  7. very well said pams, sex is not love

  8. Well said mami... Love isn't sex. I got it wrong once and I'm happy I know better now.
    Nice blog you have here *winks*


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