Thursday, 28 May 2015


I have a truck full load of tantrums that if I start, it will enter season 10. I'm sure, we all have a lot to tell too, so the time is now. Start throwing your tantrums.

We all can remember what happened last week/this week and we pray it doesn't repeat itself again. I'm also thankful that all the craziness has subsided.

I was really affected by the fuel-ish like alot, I couldn't hold my anger/temper and didn't know when I barked at a friend. He was really shocked and had to say that he hadn't seen this version of me before (I really didn't know that I had a version  before now). I was kinda shocked at myself as to why I was really affected, but you know what, I'm a citizen of this country and anything that affects her affects me too.

Most of the ugly things that happen in the country bites the masses real hard in our assess but all the oga's at the top won't be affected because their family ain't in the country, but if they are, they've already saved enough for times like this, while most of us that ain't as privileged as they are, are meant to suffer all the ugliness. This is staunch wickedness of the highest level. 

Why are we always cheated upon? Why are the poor masses always the one to suffer? Unemployment, outrageous house rent and light bills, stipends as salaries, lack of power, oh smurfs, what the freaking hell is going on? (please excuse my language). When will all these stop? Money isn't in circulation but some group of people are chopping the money, saving for their unborn generation and the one they'll use to go to heaven or hell, that is wherever they choose to build their mansion. This is so frustrating joor and it needs to stop. All these wicked souls should be brought to book and duly punished for their crimes. We, the masses are all being affected physically, mentally, psychological and otherwise. God help us. Ehee, let me stop here. Your turn.


  1. Everybody be changing the look of their blogs except me. Pat eh, I'm loving the colours around here. . . I love colors!

    Back to the post, I once posted on Twitter, "Oh Nigeria, may God destroy your enemies!" Someone said, "Ah, 35% of Nigerians go die be that" Sad but true. Nigerians are their own enemies. Diaris God o!

  2. Am so angry cos I prepared so well for our internal audit but they didn't get to ask or check the records hian so annoyinggggggg

    It's painful that I don't even have time to go through my favourite blogs again but life must go on biko...Am watching you all from 3D

    I have to be in the office tomorrow.....DGF....why evuls????

    1. Hmmmm!it is well my friend. Its all for the best. I am also working tomorrow but my own working hours is from 12- 4pm which is still very fair.

      Thank God that pay day is fast approaching already

  3. You won't believe that some drivers have refused to bring down their fares. Plus as i write this we are on Gen. Abeg I better start trekking to Ghana who cares to join should contact me......

  4. Hopefully change is here to stay. Hang in there lovely!

  5. hmmmn! my rants,i dont know what is happening to me recently,any small thing i trigger off,abi is it a sign of pregnancy???hahahahahah
    a client called me on Monday accusing me of not doing his job,he shouted at me and me wey no get chill,i shouted back but guess what spoil my superwoman power,i cried while shouting hahahhahahah
    rella please dont read my rant,now i am ashame and look so stupid.
    the light issue i have given up on my country,no lioght to do anything i wear my rumpled dress like that,wetin consign me...
    i lost my mums god father today this man was helpful,after collecting money from daddy,i will still go and meet him to task him for another money.may his soul RIP

    1. Bola's hormones are talking. #clearsthroat. Good news on da way ooo. #blessed.

  6. The ensuing traffic was like a cross i had to bear. Felt like crying and shouting at the same time. Lets hope this will be the last time we will experience such crisis.


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