Tuesday, 19 May 2015

GUEST-POST TUESDAY : My girlfriend's sister wants me.

Hello Pam, I wanna bare my mind about something. As an avid reader of your blog, I say "thumbs up" for the good work.
Am a twenty six (26) year old male, have been dating my babe for more than three months now, and we are really serious.

As at three weeks ago, my girlfriend's younger sister came back from school and I got to meet her. A week or so ago after that, she sent me a message via WhatsApp, which I think she got my number from her sister's because I can't remember giving it to her. She was saying how much she likes and loves me, how she couldn't sleep since she saw me, confessing about wanting me and all that, even to the extent of sending her nudes to me and explicit chat. I have cautioned her and told her that I'm her sister's boyfriend, but what she said later shocked me. She said that she doesn't mind being my mistress even when I marry her sister. It will only be a secret between us. I won't bore you with all the details.
I really don't know what to do. I'm shocked that girls do these things. She doesn't mind hurting her sister, just to be with me. To say I'm shocked is an understatement.

Pam, I don't know wat to do, should I tell the sister, or act like nothing happened. Have stopped chatting with her for days now, but her calls and messages haven't stopped. Would my silence prevail and make her go, or should I tell the sister? Cribbers, give me your say on this matter. Thanks.


  1. Thank God you have the chats and pictures, show it to the sister, explain the reason why you will be walking away from the relationship. This kind of sister is desperate, save your head
    Please walk away, don't cause enemity between two sisters.


  2. Dont put your hand into fire..better back off


  3. thats serious? could be a trap though, please dn't do it.

  4. i would not advice u to break-up wit som1 u luv jst bcos her lil sistr wnts u..tins lyk dis always hapen..mk ur girfrnd c reasons why she shldnt b mad @ her lil sistr 4 wat she did en mk sure she promises u nvr 2 react negatively 2 it by confrontin her lil sis in anyway b4 u let it out en aftr dat caution her lil sis.even threaten 2 tel her sis even wen u already knw u hv..@lst dat wil evn creat more respect 4 u..@lst u hv saved ur own neck by doin so..

  5. Guy, be careful,it might be a test from their angle to see how serious you are,save the chats nd pics, then tactfully interview your bae,based on the info you get from her,explain everything to her with the proof you got.But then be very very careful this might not go down well for the three of you involved!

  6. Shey the poster too wanna do ni?cos I see nothing that stops you from showing the sis all this while then block her off your whatsapp...

  7. Lol na setup. One word... RUN


  8. Omg that's one messed up sister - why are son sisters like that? As someone who has something approxinating a heart I would never in a million years do that.

    I would advise you not to tell your babe about her sisters actions. Just tell her to stop what she's doing and its a good thing you have proof. If she doesn't stop, it might be worth telling her sister with proof! Don't tell her yet without trying to reach an agreement with her sister because their relationship might turn sour. Only tell your babe as a last resort


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