Saturday, 2 May 2015

Fight of the Century.

Good day to you all Pamscribers and a happy post workers day to you all. How queue dey? Was waiting on queue like forever to buy fuel in respect of the non-availability of light, and the intensity of the sun eh!! God help us. Na original suntan be this ooo. If you see me now, I have suntanned wella. Hmm, it's well.

The rave of the moment now is the boxing fight that seems to be on everyone's lips, the fight of the century as it is named between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is going to be a great fight. I'm not really a boxing fan, but the hype and intensity have gotten to me.

In my office, the arguments no be here. Anywhere you find yourself, it's the fight they are talking about. Bets are making the rounds on who will win. Biko, what's so important about this fight sef? I look in wonderment as people say they are going to be on vigil cos of this fight, if na church vigil, they wont go. But waitoo, will this fight put an end to this fuel scarcity and corruption? Or the fact that the transport fare has tripled. Something I normally enter for 50 naira, is now 150 naira, ni tori kini? (for what na?).

I read about the amount allocated for the winner and I momentarily had to do a retake, such money for a fight?!! I need to start learning how to fight joor. That kind cash can help a sister ooo. Please, I need a personal trainer and a volunteer cos with that amount of money in my purse, poverty is indeed a bastard.

If any of you is planning to take me to watch the fight LIVE, I suggest you give me the money and see me buy a new plasma TV and a DSTV bouquet and watch the fight in the comfort of my living room, eating popcorn and sipping my zobo drink.

To those making bets on this fight, please don't be like a guy I know that bet a 100k on Jonathan winning the presidential election, and he lost woeful, which made him carry a gloomy look for more than a week. He bet and never considered he was a salary earner with little salary. Please, be wise oo, to avoid stories that toucheth the bumbum.

Have a lovely weekend, and do let me know the winner of the fight.


  1. I can't fit laugh, kikikikikikik
    Everything is just funny +the fuel scarcity, Nepa wahala, my MP, abeg I don tire

  2. U don't say, so Mayweather na name of a boxer. Oh my God! Infact all through today,na so so Mayweather I dey see on pple's pms, I come dey wonder wetin Mayweather mean, It even got to a point,I conclude for my mind say maybe the month of May don get in own weather

    I can't sleep biko,the heat is crazy and nepa sef no try,I just tire jare

  3. Lol don't lind people. The hype was 3much. Atleast they have their winner now. Imagine the number of people that flew there to watch the fight Live.

    Pam don't worry, learn well so we will also watch you Live but me no dey ooooo


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