Monday, 11 May 2015

Love and ethnicity.

Hello Pamscribers, how has your day been so far? Today is a day many of us dread, Mondays. Just like that and the weekend is over. Truly, weekends are made in China. Lol. One day its Friday morning and before you know it, Saturday and Sunday are past, and the dreaded Monday is upon us once again. Anyways, hope you made good use of the weekend? Cos if you didn't, you have to wait another five days.

For today,we are going to discuss about something .....well here is it. Would you date/marry someone from a tribe your parents forbid?
Some parents are highly ethnic biased and would prefer a certain tribe to another for their children and wards, irrespective of what their children want or whom their heart is for.

Love isn't a respecter of tribe, religion or colour. Like a famous song "love is found in impossible places". What if the person I love is from where my parents hate, and I end the relationship, date and marry another person from where my parents agree to, and then I later become miserable in marriage? Will they be there to help me carry my cross? Why do most parents still want to live their children's lives for them? What happened to marrying the person you love?

Most attimes, the dislike they have is as a result of past experiences and that is the parameter to measure every other person from that tribe, that's so wrong. I was with a friend's mum and the mum was so vocal about her daughter marrying from another tribe apart from theirs. That she won't attend and her dad seconded that. I was aghast. In this day and age? I jokingly suggested she finds a groom then for her and the reply she gave me was "who said I haven't? I have a good friend that the son is interested in my daughter". I had to close my mouth make fly no enter. The daughter in question is in a serious relationship with a guy who isn't from her tribe. Was it in my place to tell her of her parent's plans? God help us.

Due to this, most marriages are failed or failing. Aren't we as adults to choose who and where to love ? Must we always be in leash? Next thing we know, we will be told when to make love and have kids? Please, dear parents, be more encouraging and advice your children rightly. Please and please, do not force your kids into a life of unhappiness.
Do have a blessed week. Cheers.


  1. In this day an age, its just wrong... my mum can't stand against me marrying from another tribe. Even though she has a problem with marrying from my hometown.

  2. Wow! I would like to read the comments on this and tribe??? Hmm.

  3. My dear this is a very interesting topic ethnicity shouldn't be a yardstick in measuring love. But it does happen. I am lucky that my parents weren't tribalistic to have allowed me married for love.

  4. I won't be discriminatory ooo but I will make sure my kid is not under a spell

  5. I detest parents who dictate to their children. Love knows no bound, Parents should be after who will give their children peace of mind not religion or tribe biased.

  6. My mum needs to read this post. Like seriously.

  7. I can marry someone from any tribe and I don't think my parents have a problem with that BUT I can't marry someone of a different religion. Mbanu

  8. That's why we are the new generation! We have to say no to ancient single stories that influence our perception of others.
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  9. Lols some parents need to really chill. Some even go as far as telling their kids not to marry outside their village. Same state doesn't even count for them


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