Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Go for it gal.

I've talked about this a little previously but I'll want to throw more light to it.
Can you as a lady ask a guy out, or tell a guy that you'll like both of you to become an item.

Yes, you've been showing all the necessary green light, but he seems too blind to notice it. Will you swallow your pride and walk up to him saying "bro, I like you and I want  us to date, what do you  think?" Or would you rather build a mansion with your pride and watch him walk into another girl's life while you watch and pout?

I know most of our answers will be "Nooo,  I can't do that abeg", I assume this is because we live in a society that kinda frowns on "that", and some guys may term the girl cheap and even take advantage of the opportunity. But, do you know that some other guys who really see this as bravery on the girls part? I know of a couple who started with the lady taking the first step.

Some ladies may not want to gamble or take the chances but isn't it worth a try? Guys, didn't some gals reject you even after letting your intentions known? But did the rejection stop you from trying again with someone else?

I just think that we girls should try and give this a shot. Some guys are too blind or too shy to tap into your flashy green light but you can help them by taking the first step. Strike a conversation, exchange pins, numbers, try to find out what he does for fun, movie or football. If movie, talk about a latest movie you'll like to see at the cinema, ask if he's interested to join.

If football, talk about an upcoming match that you'll want to watch in a viewing centre, and ask if he'll like to join. Share opinions. Be vast and creative. Yes, yours was an unofficial date, but with your efforts, he won't know when he fixes an official date. Make sure you don't force or throw yourself at him, so he will respect you. Sex isn't love. If you notice he's misinterpreting your efforts as sexual advances, run with your two legs biko,  he's not worth you at all.

Reason for this post is that I once allowed a good guy slip from my grasp and that it hurt was an understatement. I showed all the green lights but he was a shy person to approach me, only for me to watch another gal come and grab him oo. I was so hurt, especially when a mutual friend of ours told me that the guy really liked me but was scared of my bossy look. Which bossy look kwa. All thanks to my bossy look, I lost that guy. Lolz. But if I had done the above tips, he would have known how interested I am, and would give him the liver to talk his mind. Mtchww. Once beaten, twice shy oo. Can't happen again.  Lolz. I know some of you may try to deny this,  but you've been in a similar situation too.

So ladies, let's stop dying in silence by allowing the guys to always be the first in everything. Be the first sometimes. Don't be clouded by the1960 mentality, this is the 21st century. Ehmm, to the married women, so if konji is holding you big time,  but oga no start show,  you'll allow it die down? Why not be the first to start. I shouldn't be the one to tell you what to do cos I never marry oo. But we know that we are the seductress, everything in our body is tempting, use yours wisely for your husbands, believe me, he's going to carry this big smirk on his face all through the day.

Do have a lovely day Cribbers. Remember ladies, be creative. Don't allow another gal sway herself into a guy you've been working hard on, grab him wisely before she does. Hey, I didn't ask you to fight ooo,  cos na only you waka go be that.  Lolz.


  1. lols. .pams is dis a tutorial on how to catch ur dream

  2. Me I cannot 'toast' boy yet o...maybe when am 30 sha n my mum has put up an ad for me on olx

  3. Noooooooooooo

    We can use scope sha...but some guys even with the scope sef, they won't just gerrit!!!!

    Let's stick to the normal format. We will be waiting for them to ask us out!!!

  4. Nne this issue na big one oo! The truth is that my woman actual used one of the above tactics to get me,no boasting! Even till now she still cannot accept it openly except [that she threw the hook] between two of us. so ladies be wise we are no longer in the dark ages when only the men calls the short in all areas!

  5. It's not wrong oh. But it takes a lot if balls. Especially if you're not the patient person. Some guys because of their temperament will take forever to ask a girl out.

  6. I did send signals to guys but at the end they take advantage,I am always lucky with fine guys but once they see this one don love they take advantage. The person I dint show green to,it's the man that wife me,lolz
    All Man to his own cause

  7. Hmmmm Pam this one go hard oo. Though am married and my Bobo made the first move o.

  8. Abeg lemme die in silence biko..i annot ask a guy out no matter how bad i like the guy..your self dignity is at stake oo

  9. It's called the traditional gender role ...if a girl goes contrary it's boldness and deserves commendation

  10. Well it depends on how audacious the girl is. While one might be comfortable toasting a guy, the thought makes me uneasy. If I liked a guy, I wouldn't be audacious to ask him out, instead I send him subtle verbal and non verbal clues and if he doesn't get those messages, chances are he's not that into you. Sad but very true.


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