Saturday, 16 May 2015

Honey, how many sexual partners have you had????

Happy Saturday to you all and hope the Friday night was fair to you all. Today, we are doing a little soul searching and truth telling (smiles). In many relationships, couples live by the "if you don't ask, I won't tell" code, others prefer the "past is past" theory. While others love to share all, leaving no stone unturned. Whatever school of thought that you are, this question is pertinent for all, "would you tell your partner about your previous sex partners or lovers"?

This post is borne out of what happened to a friend of mine days ago, she had been dating this guy and they both seem so good together, not until both of them started sharing stuffs about their past sex life. As truthful as the gal thought she was, the guy saw her as having more than three past lovers as many and thus has started acting funny, so she says. Did she do wrong to tell the truth? Wasn't the truth supposed to set us free? And as ironic as this is, the guy in question had more than eight lovers. Are the men folk entitled to be more promiscuous than the women? Food for thought. (Posted for another day.)

In another case, a couple I know do tell each other everything, and when I mean everything, that's it. I was with them as she recounted a serial episode she had with an ex, and lo and behold, the boyfriend was there. He didn't flinch, I felt uncomfortable and when I asked her, she said she told him all about her past, and between them, there are no secrets that will one day come bite them in the ass. How many people, and I mean ladies included will know all about the partner they are dating and still love them the same way?  

How will you as a guy feel when your gal confesses to have slept with ten men, aren't you gonna get sloppy within seconds? Won't you feel she is a whore? Must you tell?  Is omission the same as lying? For the men folk, would you genuinely tell your lady the truth about your sex life? Would you take the chance? Or would you rather lie so as to avoid being termed "promiscuous".

But seriously, why do you want to know about my sex- bodycount? Is it to know how sexually active I am or to know how slutty I've been so far, or what's the reason? What if I tell you and then it comes back to bite me on my ass, even after you promised it's going to be a friendly conversation. If you are being asked, will you tell? Let's share and talk, I'm waiting for your comments. Love and lots of E-hugs.


  1. It's only an Immature guy that will use your sex body - count against you.
    Well I don't reveal mine sha, na to lie. ..bad geh bmf

  2. I think certain past experience should be left in the past unless its going to backfire in the future, you can tell.

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  3. Hmmm...a girl should be smart about that and at the same time keep yourself

  4. Well if you must know ur past sexual life is very important especially the women folk
    Pls I ain't no chauvinist..

  5. Replies
    1. I think i agree with you! it nearly ruin my relationship when i asked this particular question.[Discussion 4 another day]

  6. Some men can't handle the truth

    If it was the man that have had even 15 sexual partners, the babe won't be angry unlike a man.if you have had too many sexual partners in the past, I don't think it makes sense to reveal it to your man. Thatz how they will say "baby it's not a problem, just tell me" yimu


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