Saturday, 30 May 2015

Eat right, Excercise more.

Today's post has been kept at the back burner for long, so I have decided to write about it today. Most of us have been told to work out, eat right, live right, drink with moderation, and do check up frequently. As true as that sounds, how many of us "actually" do, all of the above? 

Looking trim, fit with a six pack with abs with toned thighs and biceps is a turn on for many girls (smiles), but it never grows on trees. For we ladies, looking at cosmopolitan magazines and watching models on the runway with sleek legs, a flat tummy, despite giving birth didn't happen overnight, dedication, consistency, perseverance and a lot of pain to enjoy the gain most of us envy. 
A country  like ours and worse, a city like Lagos, makes it worse for us, not the model like girls. Apart from waking up early and getting back late home at night which will us eat late, all the orishirishi that are called edibles in this part of the world is really hard to close your eyes to. Imagine yourself working in a food environment, where you see beautiful yummy cakes and the likes wherever you go, and for free, tell me how you can close your eyes. Nonetheless, we still have to do what's right for our health.

But waitoo, I was surfing the internet and all the things involved in weight loss and dieting shaa, skimmed milk, lean meat, low sugar and low fat foods!!! Words like low calories per week and dieting sounds like gibberish. When the mama put at work is selling rice and stew with kpomo, egg, correct meat and all, or when you get free food at work. Chai!!  Like in an exam, I will attempt  all the questions joor. You go for an occasion, the food is free, the buffet of eba, akpu, melon, ewedu, stew, big meat, Turkey, chicken, snail, Oh, these food vendors aint loyal at all. Just typing this and am drooling already. We too like free things. And na im they purge pass. 

I heard a funny story a long time ago about a lady who was trying to lose weight, she will wake up early and start  jogging to a certain point, she will then call her food vendor to keep her usual and then, take a bike home.  You know what the "usual" consists of? Beans, rice, two eggs, 4 kpomo, 4 meat and an orobo bottle of Pepsi, abeg, who send am to jog in the first place? 

All in all, as much as living in Naija is enough exercise, we should learn to eat right, try to exercise more, even if it's once a week, it helps to relieve stress and pumps blood to the heart, it also makes us fit. Some of us don't know how to start or what to do, but remember google is your friend. Ask google. Fruits and rest are needed, body no be firewood abeg. Enjoy the weekend. Love you all.
Biko, me too I'm trying to eat right and exercise more often so if you are interested in doing a team-work or you have a weight-loss/ dieting group, abeg, send me an email so we'll communicate better. I need the motivation. Lolz.


  1. Right eating and regular exercise is really a good idea but for me hmmmmmm am too lazy for that oo. If I wake up in the morning all i do is stretch my body hubby will just be laughing at me..

  2. God help my dear cos its not easy...ive been postponing going to the gym due to wat i dnt knw

  3. Healthy living is everything indeed. Great and practical advice. Best wishes!

  4. Am too lazy for an exercise!!!

    God help me...

    PAT don abuse me tire hehehehe

    1. hehehehehe before nko? Thank God Pam has left the #LazySistersGang **tongue out** e remain you oo

      Please click on my name for Fashion/Fitness/Beauty tips

  5. Exercise no day ma dictionary dese days oo *winks*, am usually feeling too week to do exercise

  6. apart from eating right,we need exercise,its not until you go to the gym,we can start at the comfort of your room.
    and all those people that fry their chicken and turkey should stop.its fattening instead grill it.or boil it,instead of coke takew ribenna.etc

  7. Nice post Nne...I see Angels have visited

    Please click on my name for Fashion/Fitness/Beauty tips


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