Thursday, 30 April 2015

Thursday Tantrums!!!

Tantrum Thursday is here again,  speak out on the stuff that angered you during the week. My turn:

I received a really bad news yesterday that weakened me to the bones.  Oh death! Where is thy sting? We weren't really close back then during our OND days but he was actually the first guy I talked to during the departmental clearance times. 

Aloy was a very brilliant guy who sat with we noise makers behind the class. Quiet and really observant. Ooh! You'll really enjoy reading with him. After our ND, he proceeded to Abia State University to study law,  and now I learnt he was about graduating from law school in Abuja before death struck. 

 A guy who was already at his peak of achieving what he ever dreamed of, only for death to snatch him just like that. I really wept. But who are we to question God. He alone knows what's best,  and He has done His will.  Adieu Alloy.  Continue to rest in the Bossom of the Lord. Adieu brother.
I may not know wat caused his death but mehn,  his death really hit home. Adieu bro.

I don't have much to say again except that the heat is too much.

Your turn!


  1. The heat!!!! Coupled with the fact that FG has not payed allowee yet. I'm really upset :(

  2. Eyaaaaa sorry about your loss dear

    May His soul rest in peace

    No tantrums today biko,

  3. Choi...pams the heat can fit kill person, y is dere fuel scarcity, nepa no bring light, fuel no dey, Nigeria jaga jaga, I don tire

  4. My family friend died today, she was 8months pregnant and she died from a stay bullet, d thing just they pain everybody

  5. Why is there sad news everywhere? My condolences goes to the bereaved. Take heart and may they rest in perfect peace.

    Why the acne on my face? It is pissing me off

  6. after reading this,i cannot even rant! i know what it takes to study law at the university and law school.what a great loss for the family

    may his soul rest in peace

  7. May his soul rest in peace dearie..nothing to rant tho


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