Thursday, 14 May 2015

Thursday Tantrum!!!

Hallos my beautiful and handsome people on this blog, how y'all doing? As for me, I'm doing great, all thanks to Baba God oo, He's been so good to me and mine. All praise to Him.

This is to welcome you to another episode of Tantrum Thursday, a forum where we rant our hearts out on issues that affected us during the week. Instead of carrying the weight of your anger all around, why not let it all out here. So here's mine.

Abeg, what is happening to this fuel stuff, e still use style scarce small. Has anybody heard anything so far about curbing the scarcity? Cos the transport hike is really dealing with me and the money that I've already budgeted for transport this month is almost finished. I'm almost at the verge of using feeding money for transport. This thing should just stop. It's no longer a joke anymore.

Whatever thing they are doing up there should just stop, it's seriously affecting the masses. Hmmm, even my neighbour that claims he can't sleep without light, who runs the generator all through the night, disturbing the peace of his neighbours now sleeps without it. When I jokingly asked him what happened, he replied that he couldn't get fuel, I just said, "I thought you can't sleep without light", he couldn't say anything. Lolz. Don't mind me oo, that guy is kinda annoying with him claiming right that he can run his noisy generator all through the night, not minding who he's disturbing with it. People should learn how to be considerate and learn that the world doesn't revolve around them.

Ehmm, the rain that beat me yesterday was something else. I just dey like fowl wey water pour for im body. No be small thing oo. I was just telling myself, Pam, shey you've been praying for rain all these while, oya na, see rain now. The worst part was that there was no shelter around the bustop, neither was there any bus to quickly jump in to. So, I just stood there, dey really pity my cold self.

Abeg, I don't have anything else to say, but  please they should do something about this fuel issue BIKO.
Your turn.


  1. Why do i have to go to work before i can earn my pay? Some days i just wish i could lie in all day, and the traffic congestion is killing my spirit. sigh

  2. Hi! I had a bad sporting week,first it was my darling Arsenal that lost their game on Monday,as if it is not enough,My club for Spain Real Madrid lost all the hope for any trophy this year when they were beaten by Juventus last night! Am not finding this two loses funny at all! Pam, well doneooooo! Ndewoooh!

    1. Eyaa, ndoo inu. I have a friend who has been pouting since yesterday. I feel ur pain. Lolz. Ndewoooh dude. Thanks for stopping by, keep coming.

  3. One drunk bus driver almost killed me today... I though I was dead for about 2minutes.... Just grateful to God. Cos if I had died then I won't make heaven

  4. And my phone is bad, it's not coming up .I hope it's just the battery, rubbish, I don't have time for it now, just that I will miss BBM and Whatsapp. Chincobee you are not loyal oo,you no see my update you no fit Holla, it's okay

  5. I have a job to deliver but haven't been able to get it done.. My laziness though. I am just angry at everyone right now.

  6. Nepa should respect themselves and give light..the heat is crazy coupled with the fact that fuel is now annoying

  7. I dn't think I have anything to rant about, Nepa dey do well dis days

  8. lolz, funny rants...I was smilling all through.

    Hi Pam, How has it been with you dear?

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  9. I have no rant. Thanking God for his mercies upon me and my family. I appreciate Him


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