Monday, 25 May 2015

Still on the fuel matter!!!

How una dey all thee Pamscribers, happy new work week to you all. Despite all the wahala, biko happy new week. A year or two ago, Lagos was adjudged as one of the worst places to live in in terms of security, health, amenities, sanitation, housing etc. Now, it's worster (biko, permit me to use that word).

For those residing in Lagos, aka, Eko, I presume the fuel situation is worth a story.  A friend was telling us about colleagues  at work that now sleep at work, just to save transport of going home and returning the next day, all due to the persistent fuel shortage. As at this moment, you are willing to spend the money for the outrageous fare but there isn't enough buses. I was at the bustop by past 6am and the queue at the bustop was as if there was a huge riot.

My street that is always noisy from both diesel and fuel operated generators has all of a sudden become quiet, wonders of fuel scarcity. Transport is now sky high and now, seeing people trek is now a norm.  Either the fare is too high or no buses.

For one of the first times in my adult life, banks, radio stations, airlines and even telecommunications outfits have been made to suffer, operations, services have almost been shut down or working at its minimum. I'm sure, the rest of the world is laughing at us right now, with a smirk of their face, we as self acclaimed "Giant of Africa", oil producing and yet, can't cater for its citizenry. What irony. Did you guys see the insults rained on us by the whites? Read that in Linda Ikeji's blog. Though, I got angry but we really deserved it.

A quote comes to mind, "he who the gods want to kill, they first make mad", is Nigeria that? Is oil a gift or curse?                                        

I'm pained, angry, vexed, haven't had light in days now and thus, no water, no fuel to power the generator for those who have, pump water, my phone charger is now permanent at work. The fuel subsidy saga sounds like soft porn, compared to this now.

I overheard someone say he bought fuel at #500, per litre!!!!!!!, with an adjusted meter oo, WTF !!! 😬. A colleague said he entered 500 naira from his place to the bustop close to my office, something he normally enters 100 naira before this whole thing.

Nigeria, which way forward biko? The government of the day better do something  about this or I'm relocating to Benin Republic. Please, who can help me with directions?



  1. Pam, I took bike for #200 from my house to the bustop instead of the usual #50. I really dont understand the situation anymore.

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  2. Fuel is the least of my worries ... I got to school yesterday n I just found out there is no gas. No light ... That means no food.

  3. Fuel no dey, money nor dey, light nor dey, our road nor good.... In Africa China's voice..

  4. This fuel scarcity is really turning to somthing else ooo

  5. Its a very bad situation. Terrible....

  6. Nigeria jaga jaga,everything scatter scatter,we all dey suffer suffer(in eedris abdul kareem's voice)To say e no tire me is an understatement

  7. They are collecting hundred naira per hour to charge phone in my area. My sister this thing tire me.

  8. its just bad...terrible... i taya for this country


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