Friday, 22 May 2015

Does Love fade?

What is love without that glee, tingly , butterflies in the tummy feeling. But the question I want to ask is, does that feeling last forever, or does it fade off with time? After 10yrs with your spouse, do you still look at him or her and still have that butterfly in the tummy feeling? 

I'm not a professional when it comes to love matters that's why I read a lot, and ask a lot of questions. I'm sure my married friends are tired of me and my incessant questions. 

I've asked a few people the above questions, some said it won't be like that especially when the kids start coming, and with so many responsibilities, both of you will barely notice each other. A few others actually said that the glee will still remain there despite their full hands.

Now, this shit scares the hell out of me. You see, I love LOVE so much and I would love both of us to still have that glee deep within us even when we are over a hundred and grey with little or no teeth left in our mouth. I want to stare at him nd say, dear God, I love this man. I want to out of the ordinary carry this smirk on my face just about thinking of him. I really want to be drunk in love. I don't want us to ever fall out of love with each other.

So you see why it baffles me when I see or hear married people falling out of love with each other, especially when they were inseparable while dating. Statements like "this wasn't the man or woman I fell in love with" baffles me. Where did that man or woman go? Did an alien get into them or something? 

Love should indeed be eternal and not temporary. Let me rest my case here. 

So what do you friends think, can you still look at your partner and have that same feeling you had when you initially started dating? If eventually you fall out of love with someone, what do you do to fall back in love with the person? Take a break and later come back or just move on out of the relationship? Let's Gist dearies.

TGIF, do have a blast my lovelies. E-kisses and E-hugs to you all. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow after more than 4years, and which happens to be the 4th wedding I've attended since I was born. Lolz.


  1. 4th wedding your attended in your life? You must be an under 16! ! Back to your topic, it takes time to fall in love and it takes great effort to maintain it especially when the kids starts coming.The reason some men fall out of love with their wives is that when she started to give attention to her children more than the husband then the man will look abandoned. Before they know it, they have fallen out of love.And remember if they fall out of love,for them to reunite it will not be as easy as at when they started! So for love last as you wish,you have a great job to do. always remember that he was there before the children,men are not only jealous for other taking away their love but also family members taking the attention they so deserve! Remember i just wrote on the part of men, i will also write on the part of women! I think i did not bore you. nice weekend ada nnem!

  2. That's a joke right?@d 4th wedding u've attended since u were born. Hahahaha....u can't be serious

    Love is a beautiful thing and has to be unconditional but married couples forget this...The reason why a man may fall out of love with the woman that was once his apple of his eyes may be because of the fact that the woman is no longer the sexy woman he used to know, most women become so fat and shapeless with protuding belly after they must have birthed their babies, they now start to irritate the husband.

    Dating is so different from marriage in the sense that the couple tend to see each other occassionally. Some couples will never spend a night together to know more about each other. Does your fiance/fiancee snor? How would u know this when u never spent a night at his place b4 marriage. This is one of the things that pisses one of, just imagine that on your wedding night, your spouse snors heavily to d extent that next door neighbours sef wld find it difficult to sleep

    Its when a couple stay under the same roof that they will know their bad habits,its now left for one to accept him/her the way he/she is, that is unconditional love

  3. i think love fades if not maintained. sometimes the fire goes out and routine leads to boredom.


  4. Love is a beautiful thing...i think when you married to your bestfriend and both of you put in the effort to keep the glee shinning,it will always remain there..

  5. Hum Hum *clears throat Bmf come and answer this question o.. #justpassing

  6. Hmmmn, Gloria well done oooo,delegatus delegare

    Ohk, lemme start,
    Love fades but what holds both partners till the end of time in marriage is friendship and may I add, the fear of God. When you have the fear of God, to hurt your partner or ignore her at every little provocation will be hard, but the fear of a God in you gives you wisdom to tolerate your partner, love her/him despite all odds, even friends betray their selves. I think the ultimate is the fear of GOD?
    Sometimes I look at my partner and say what if he stops loving me? What if I stop loving him?sometimes I see some strange behaviour I didn't notice during courtship I will be like WTF! But do you know what fuels the marriage....???
    Watch out for the next epistle

    1. Thanks Bmf i knew you were going to do justice to this... *winks.

    2. Great. I'm learning these things small small. :D

  7. 4th wedding bawo? Atleast you are a bit better than PAT wey never buy asoebi before lolz

    I no dey for this love tingy but truly people fall out of love and they begin to irritate eachother dunno why oooo, na dem know

    Love is beautiful if you are both genuinely in love with eachother!!!

  8. I believe the spark might go away, it all depends on the foundation of the relationship, why did u get into this married? Is it because he is handsome or because she is beautiful, or is it wealth. When all those things are gone the love based on that would fade away with it. U can always try to find reasons to love your partner everyday( outside things that would fade away)

  9. Love does fade .... It does fade juststay still and deal with it ..

    eliyism6.blogspot. com

  10. It does fade just stay will and deal with it

  11. Lol.don' t worry was like you with attending weddings but changed over time, especially when yours start drawing near. In marriage, I don' t believe in taking a takes two.if you love someone so much you' ll make the effort in making it work.if not maybe it was' t love.somepeople fall in love with someone ' s beauty and when that' s gone, they fall out.that' s not love.Love is beyond what we understand. Apart from love,there should be compatibility.don' t get married to someone you love but are not compatible with.dat' s when you can fall out. Some people pretend to be something takes God and wisdom.

  12. Bmf nailed it, i second her


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