Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Random feminine thought!!!

Women have over ages been known to not only being child bearers, but home keepers. She not only caters to the children's needs, but she takes care of her oldest baby, her spouse(men r still babies na?) Men on the other hand are noted to be bread winners, the head of the family and the defense of every home, duly noted.

So, I find it not only repulsive but egoistical and selfish to hear cases where the man can't and won't help in any thing domesticated in the house. Citing it as "unmanly".
Years ago, I almost dated a guy that saw no wrong in asking me to do his laundry, cooking for him and helping arrange his place (despite the fact that I hadn't even agreed to dating him), but saw everything despicable that he help me fetch water. Saying it would paint a bad picture of me being "unwifely material" (say what???). Abeg where the wife material dey sell, make I follow go buy am. He also added that people will think low of him carrying a bucket to fetch water. I was stunned. Infact, I opened my mouth wider than a tribe in Nigeria does. Lolz. Mehn, I fled oo, couldn't deal.

Biko, is it an African thing or just personal? Which law states that men can't help in domestic chores? I don't wanna mention tribe or culture. There is a tribe in the south western part of Nigeria that forbids men sweeping, or so they say. Can you believe that!! Most especially when a woman is around.

I have heard tales of some cultures prohibiting women from having a voice or say, even in matters affecting them. The case of "being seen and not heard" is applicable here. Hmmm, nawa. Some countries is Asia punishes/kills their women for being raped. Waitoo, she was raped and was also punished for that. Isn't that inhuman? I read about a young girl who was forced to choose between marrying the man that raped her and jail term/death. She had no choice but to choose the man, and do you know what, the man was making mouth that she owes him her life for saving her from death. Can you imagine that? Oh, my heart bled as I read that story. Anyways, that will be story for another day.

Over the years, men have overtaken women to be excellent cooks and chefs. Their culinary skills are superb. Calabar men are a clear example. #winks. A friend once told me that in their tribe, the husband is the lord and master, that the wife isn't allowed to own anything, as long as she is married to the man.   

Religiously, some denominations are still against women teaching or preaching on the same podium as the men folk. Women and children have been abused over centuries, their freedom, dignity and self esteem trampled and stomped on. Today's woman should be different, "no one can make you inferior without your consent", words by Eleanor Roosevelt. Tribe or culture shouldn't make us a whipping board or a slave.  Men should learn to treat us right, treat us like equals. Also, stop terming us the weaker sex, it's so annoying. WORD!!!


  1. We are not in anyway the weaker sex. We are strong in every ramifications.

    A woman cares for the home, takes care of her hubby,her kids,do household chores,do laundry, goes to the market at least twice in a week under the scorching sun, cooks, wakes up in d middle of the night to pray for hubby,herself and kids etc and they say we are the weaker sex.

    I wonder where the energy to do all of that come from, well, its God

    1. Yah! Ya f***King rite sis,God in da form of "MANNN" GBAM!

  2. Pam haff vex oo.

    If a man loves you, he will do anything for you domestic chores inclusive.

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  3. don't mind the men...they think its all about just bringing in money and they the stronger sex while we women work and still own the family front...if only men and women can switch places for just a day..most of them men will wanna die.


  4. pams, God bless ou for this, it is not written anywhere that women are slaves o, na just societal beliefs, but there are still some loving men who actually helps,may God help us.

  5. Men were made from the dust; women were made from bone. Btw dust and bone, which is stronger? I'm not tryina praise u women ooh afterall God made men the head but dat doesn't call 4 discrimination. I'm not married yet but I sometimes try 2 picture hw my family would be. I can sweep, 'cook', or wash . It doesn't remove anytin 4rm my body. Pastor E.A. Adeboye sometimes washes plates in his house at his age. If a grandfather n great man of God can do dat at his age, I see no reason y men should not help in domestic chores. Also, concerning d matter of rejecting a woman's opinion, women sometimes have the best opinion on some issues. We've heard of many great women whose opinion mattered in one way or d other. People lyk Mary Slessor, Archbishop Margaret Idahosa, Margaret Thatcher, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Folorunsho Alakija, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala and so on. These women also brought fame to their households and families. Again, even d bible acknowledged women like Deborah, Tabitha, Mary Magdalene etc. Infact, I dunno wat d world wud have been without women. In conclusion, women should have equal opportunities with the men but not being equal with them.

    Pam, I luv ur blog. Just keep d flag flying high.

  6. I believe women are more powerful than the men,we are actually the head of the home while the men are head of the family. The way we work out ass out and yet look so strong is amazing. We carry babies in that small body for nine months, go through under crib able labour pain, breastfeed, yet we make sure the house is in order.we still have our jobs
    Abeg standing ovation for all the hardworking women ,ojawe

    1. All th├Ęse bcos da pillar iz there rrpresenting. Ef hez nat there, the next second, those chores stop making any minute to u. DATSHZ IT! O YESH!

  7. Women are strong

    Meanwhile all this kitchen jobs na the days of our parents they leave it all to the women but now, na division of labour ooo. Whoever comes back from work first should enter the kitchen biko. Our parents think say na dem sabi play love, they should come and see love in a different dimension hehehehehehehe


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